Father’s Day Fun

| June 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Playing cards with dadFather’s Day is coming up on June 21st. What do you get for the man who has everything? The best gifts, according to every dad I know, are the homemade gifts from the kids. So this is a good time to team up with the kids and plan a day just for dad. Work together on some crafts, plan some special treats, and organize some activities for the family and for dad and the kids to do together, and make it a Father’s Day to remember.

  • Give him the day off. Is dad the one who takes out the garbage or empties the dishwasher every day? Have the kids (with your help, where necessary) take over his chores for the day.
  • Give him flowers. Did you know that the red rose is the official flower of Father’s Day? Presenting him with a red rose would be a sweet gesture from daughter to father.
  • Make it an event. Plan a Father’s Day barbecue or pizza party. Have the kids help plan the menu, and let them contribute by helping make something special, like chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes for desert. Alternatively, you could plan a special outing for dad to go on with the kids. Is he a kid at heart? Send them off to play paintball or laser tag. Or if he’s more of an outdoorsman, he might enjoy deep sea fishing with the kids.
  • Make him a gift basket. Do you have a leftover Easter basket and an old pair of jeans around? Cover the basket in denim to make a manly looking gift basket. Fill it with goodies that the kids make. They can make a Father’s Day coupon book, with coupons dad can redeem for anything he might like… from extra hugs and kisses to another day where the kids do the chores. Is dad into history or genealogy? Help your child make a keepsake family tree. Help them personalize a picture frame and include a picture of dad and the kids together.
  • Play games. Get together with a few other families and play the Father/Child game: separate the dads and kids, and ask each some questions about the other and about themselves. Bring them back together and see how many answers match up. Another idea is to have your child “interview” dad. She can ask him questions about his childhood, his parents, his school years, or his job. She’ll enjoy the chance to learn more about dad’s life, and he’ll enjoy the quality time.

The point is to make it a day where dad feels celebrated and appreciated. You and the kids are the people who know best what he enjoys and wants, so focus on that, and you’ll have no problem making his Father’s day special.

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