Father Daughter Bonding Activities

| July 6, 2021 | 1 Comment

Girl rollerbladingAmong other July celebrations ranging from the well-known (Independence Day) to the obscure (July is National Ice Cream Month) is one that you possibly haven’t heard of. July 7th is Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day, a day designated for a combination of father-daughter bonding and physical fitness.
There’s something special about the daddy/daughter bond, isn’t there? Whether she’s daddy’s little princess or more of a tomboy, taking a walk together is a great way to make a memory. Apart from getting out and doing something healthy together, a walk is a good time for a quiet heart-to-heart talk or a good chance to “smell the roses”, so to speak – to explore your surroundings with someone else, and maybe a chance to see them with new eyes. But why stop there? They can make a day of it. Here are some other father and daughter activities.

  • Get off the sidewalk. Rather than just walking down the street, suggest that the father and daughter pair in your life take a nature hike instead. Pack them a picnic lunch and send them off somewhere where dad can show his little girl how to identify different plants and animals, or how to read a compass.
  • Strap on some wheels. Send dad and daughter to the local skating rink. This is another fun and healthy activity that’s great for dads and daughters. She’ll learn a new skill, and feel safe at the same time, because dad is there to keep her steady when she wobbles.
  • Read together. A pre-reader will love hearing a story from dad, especially if he’s not normally the person who reads them. A daughter who is just learning to read can show off her developing skills to dad by reading to him instead. If she’s old enough to read on her own, she might enjoy a trip with dad to a library or bookstore, especially if he can point out his favorite books from when he was her age, so she can give them a try.
  • Get cooking. Moms aren’t the only one with kitchen skills. Get out of the kitchen for a day and see what your daddy and daughter team come up with. He can show her how to make his specialty, whatever that may be, or they can try something new together.
  • Camp out. It doesn’t matter if it’s the campground at the local park or the backyard, the point is the fun and togetherness dad and daughter will have. Dad can show her how to roast hot dogs, make s’mores, sing campfire songs, and tell ghost stories. What could be more fun?

Whatever they end up doing, encourage some father daughter bonding this July 7th. Of course, bonding activities can and should happen anytime! Some studies have shown that the more involved a father is with his daughter during her childhood, the less likely she will be to succumb to the pressures of drugs and early sex once she reaches her teen years. Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day is a great time for Dad to start actively trying to bond with his daughter if he hasn’t already.

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  1. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

    My son-in-law and my granddaughter have “camp night” in their back yard. She loves it. As long as she’s spending time with Daddy she’s a happy little camper =D

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