Entertaining Your Kids So You Can Watch The Super Bowl

| January 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

Tips-for-Entertaining-the-Kids-DuringThe Super Bowl is just around the corner. If you have kids you know that it can be impossible to watch the game with little ones underfoot. Instead of just hoping that your kids will let you watch at least a little bit of the game, plan ahead so that you can easily be able to watch most of it. We’ve come up with a few tips to help you entertain your kids so that you don’t miss any of the big plays.

Let Them Have A Friend Over

It may seem counterproductive to add even more kids to the mix while you are trying to watch the Super Bowl. However, they will actually be able to entertain each other. A lot of the time when your children are interrupting something you are doing it’s just because they want a little bit of attention. Allowing them to invite a friend over may solve all of that. Have your kids make a list of friends they want to invite and pick one or two of them that you think would have fun at your house on Super Bowl Sunday.

Prepare Games and Crafts That They Can Do With Minimal Supervision

Entertained kids are happy kids. Before the big game, set up a table nearby with arts and crafts that your kids can do without a lot of supervision. Even if you aren’t crafty, you can still cut footballs out of brown construction paper and give your kids items like beads, pompoms and glue to decorate them. If you have more than one child or will be having other kids over, find a few kid friendly games that they can play together as well.

Get Your Kids In On All The Fun

Kids can be quite entertaining during the Super Bowl. Have them pick a team that they want to cheer for and allow them to watch the game with you. You might be quite surprised at how into the game they actually get. Before the game, explain things like touchdowns, field goals and passes so that they understand what is going on and aren’t prone to ask a lot of questions during crucial moments.

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