Earth Day Activities for your Kids

| April 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Earth-Day-Activities-For-Your-KidsEarth Day is an annual reminder to take care of the Earth for not only us, but the generations to come. It’s a great time to teach your kids small things they can do to leave less of a carbon footprint. Here are a few things you can do with your kids on April 22nd to honor Mother Earth.

Plant Trees Or Flowers

What kid doesn’t love getting their hands dirty? On Earth Day, plant a tree or flower in your yard. If you live in an apartment or don’t have room for outdoor foliage, place seeds in a container and grow a small plant indoors.

Make An Art Project Using Recycled Materials

Use some items that you would throw away and turn them into an art project. Cereal boxes can be turned into mini rockets, milk jugs can be turned into a whale and empty cans can be turned into a decorative tin for your child to store things. As you and your kids are making one of these projects, make sure you explain to them the benefits of reusing items instead of throwing them away.

Attend An Earth Day Celebration

Many towns have celebrations in honor of Earth Day. Festivities usually include Earth friendly activities for both kids and adults.

Participate In A Community Project

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to participate in a project that will benefit the community. Things like picking up trash at the beach or park can not only beautify the Earth, but give you both something to feel good about. To make it more fun, have friends participate with you as well.

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