Cyber Bullying

| April 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

kids using a laptopNickelodeon and Common Sense Media are teaming up to teach you and your kids how to be cyber savvy. Harness the power of the Internet and learn how to be a good digital citizen. Cyber bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Also, cyber bullies strike no matter what age you are. I recently had a cyber bully attack me and I learned that it is important to guard my own kids against people like that. Visit for tips for staying safe online.

Statistics from

Bullying hits the Web:

  • The most commonly experienced form of cyberbullying is when someone takes a private email, IM, or text message and forwards it to someone else or posts the communication publicly.
  • 38% of girls online report being bullied, compared with 26% of online boys.
  • Nearly 4 in 10 social network users (39%) have been cyberbullied, compared with 22% of online teens who do not use social networks (all from Pew, 2007)

Like I said, I myself was attacked recently by a cyber bully so NO ONE IS SAFE. TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO STAY Safe Online!

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