Chores for Kids

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Getting the kids involved…. Just when you thought your parenting “to do” list was pretty full, fate throws yet another lesson you have family cleaning houseto teach your kids.  It truly is never-ending.  Another one of the big things parents are responsible for is teaching our children how to pitch in to keep a house running smoothly.  I remember the chore lists my mother would somehow find time to make for all six of us to do on Saturdays.  It took so much time for my mom to create, it was difficult to get it done each week.

An easier way is to create a master chore list and simply rotate whose responsibility it is to complete tasks.  The variation of jobs will keep the kids more attentive to the chores as well as teaching them a variety of housekeeping skills.  We need to remember these things are learned, not automatic.  I know some people are naturally organized but I think they start off knowing the end result they desire but have to learn the way of getting there which works best for them.

Try a couple variations of job assignments and whatever you do, do not call them chores.  One of the more interesting methods of job assignments is the fish bowl method.  That is just as it sounds, all the tasks written on pieces of folded paper and put in a fish bowl for each child to pull one out.  It is entertaining to the kids when the assigned jobs are left to fate.  Make a game of it!

Another way to assign jobs is to list the jobs on a bulletin on board or any central family area and rotate who completes the tasks or group of tasks.  Group areas and their tasks together or group similar chores together.  For example, assign a zone with all the jobs in that area as one rotation.  Or group mopping, dusting, dishes and other types of similar tasks together and assign that way.  With this method, you can rotate zones and kids in charge so they are sure to help get it all done.

It is important t teach our children to help out around the house.  It is overwhelming to do by yourself week after week.  Besides, once everyone in the family helps out, that leaves more time for family fun.

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