What’s Up with BOB in 2011?

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If you have an active lifestyle and you’re expecting a baby, then there’s no doubt that you’ve likely heard of BOB strollers by now. BOB has three main models on offer: the front swivel wheel all terrain model called the Revolution and two jogging strollers, the Sport Utility and the Ironman.

These three-wheelers are “sport utility” strollers and are known for rugged design, exceptional quality, comfort for baby and overall safety. BOB is a company that has built a reputation for itself over the years and is now considered one of the best stroller brands you can buy.

To stay on top of an increasingly competitive stroller market, BOB periodically makes changes to their products and the new 2011 improvements will impress you.

The BOB Revolution with the 16″ rear polymer wheels is now referred to as the Revolution Sport Experience (SE) while the Revolution with the 12′ aluminum spoke wheels is referred to as the City Experience (CE). The CE used to be called the Revolution 12î AW.


  • Improved seat and harness. The seat now comes with a water repellent heat-pressed open cell foam padding that offers more support. When I felt this material it was still soft, yet firm. The five-point safety harness now has an adjustable crotch strap to provide a better and more comfortable fit, customized to your child’s size.
  • Plastic footrest. In previous years, BOB had a fabric covering the “nose” of the stroller, but now it has a plastic covering instead. The foot rest area is now plastic as well for more effective cleanup.
  • Accessory adapter. Similar to Baby Jogger, BOB strollers are now equipped with a universal accessory adapter to accommodate a child’s snack tray or car seat adapter.
  • Better sun canopy. While the hood has two main panels, the new spring action makes controlling the adjustment far easier. Secure the canopy into place in the back position with newly added Velcro tabs so it won’t flop forward. The sun canopy on BOB strollers is one of the best features on it and you get thoughtful touches such as a mesh pocket to store the flap over your peek-a-boo window.
  • Safety tether. The wrist strap is now tethered from the handle instead of the rear axle, which is getting mixed reactions from consumers and experts. When attached to the axle, the safety tether prevents your stroller from tipping backward if you happen to take a fall. From the handle, it also may not let you move as freely during jogs. So the jury’s still out on this one as an improved feature.

I recently got to test drive the new Revolution and the Revolution Duallie, the double version. I was deeply impressed with the high quality. They were like a high-end mountain bike and all the gears such as the adjustable suspension system were very impressive.
Parents who have purchased this stroller think so too. So far the new 2011 models have gotten fantastic reviews from online retailers averaging between 4.5 to 5 stars for each!

Jamie from San Diego exclaims in her 5-star review of the Revolution that she “LOVE LOVE LOVES her stroller” and she says it rolls like a dream.

Benito from North Carolina bought the Ironman and he says that it is strong and resistant, the best of its kind.

Lastly, a mom who appropriately calls herself Sandy, loves her BOB Sport Utility Stroller for taking her son to the beach. She says he loves the stroller too and often falls asleep in it.

What do you think of the new BOB stroller makeover?

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