Winter Stroller Accessories for Baby

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Winterize Your Stroller

jj cole buntingAs we usher in November and say goodbye to Halloween, winter is fast upon us. Unexpectedly so for our friends in the North East US with those recent snow storms! Despite the cold, many moms and dads like to get out and enjoy a family walk or do some jogging on those days where the sun peeks through the clouds.

Baby, of course, needs to be warm enough since he won’t be moving about like you, Lets explore ways to prepare your stroller to accommodate the extra blankets and big coat to keep baby cozy.

Quite a few stroller brands like Maclaren, Britax and Zooper have a boot – or footmuff – that either comes with purchase or that you buy separately. The advantage to buying the same brand is color and style co-ordination for moms who like to match.

If your stroller brand doesn’t have a matching boot, or it has low consumer ratings, then consider buying a bunting for your stroller.

One I came across is called the JJ Cole Urban Toddler Bundle Me. What I like about this bunting is that the back layer is thin with reinforced openings, allowing either 3- or 5-point safety harnesses to thread through, resting directly on your child.

The bunting is made of quilted outer nylon for water and wind resistance and inner microsuede, both for style and cozy warmth. And the JJ Cole Urban Toddler Bundle Me comes in seven lively colors to brighten dark winter days.  Nearly 100 reviews rate this bunting at 4.5 stars, so it’s a quality product that consumers actually like to use.

A rainshield will keep out not only rain and snow, but it will shield your child from wind. Cold winter wind bites through most fabric and can chill you quickly. The plastic shield will hold in the warm air for your child, too. Many strollers come with a rain shield, or you can buy them separately.

Make sure to adjust the straps on the safety harness so that they are not too tight against the extra space needed for the coat.

This one is going to be obvious, but you should keep hot drinks out of the parent console. All it takes is one big bump or lurch to send your Starbucks toppling into your baby’s seat. Instead, put your coffee into a thermos and keep your thermos in the storage basket if it’s too big to put in the cup holder. Besides, a Thermos will keep your beverage hot for a long time, especially on those freezing days.

Try and store your stroller indoors or in the trunk of your car to ensure the wheels don’t get stuck with mud or ice.

Parents, what are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to share with others who live in colder climates?

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