Kolcraft Contours Stroller Review

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High Quality AND Low Price?

Kolcraft Contours delivers superior standards, modern style and a low price to their range of strollers.

When I started researching strollers and came to the Contours line of the Kolcraft Company, I was skeptical. Kolcraft has a few brands under their name such as Jeep, which get adequate ratings. Then their flagship Kolcraft brand of strollers goes largely unnoticed because they have old fashioned designs and nothing about them really stands out.

However, the Kolcraft Contours brand deserves pause. First, the designs look modern and the colors are funky and fun. Next, the ratings that consumers have been giving these strollers have been stellar: usually 4.5 stars and higher in some cases. You’d expect a nicely designed stroller with good quality and positive reviews would cost a fortune, but with the Contours line, that’s the big surprise. You can buy these models often for 1/3 of similarly designed premium brand strollers.

contours strollerWhat types of strollers can you expect from the Contours line? Currently Kolcraft Contours offers three tandem style models, a lightweight stroller and a three-wheeled reversing seat model. Let’s take a look at each type.

What I love about these double tandem strollers is that they are much like convertible strollers in that the seats are reversible and removable AND can take a variety of popular infant car seat brands. These tandems are the perfect solution for parents with twins.

The Contours Options Tandem, Options Tandem II and the brand new Optima all have the same basic features, but the Tandem II boasts an iPod dock for your listening pleasure, height adjustable canopies with peek-a-boo windows and swiveling cup holders. In addition, small extras like easy step-in areas and hold-on handles for toddlers make the Options Tandem II a pleasure to use.

Up from that is the brand new Optima. The main difference between the new Optima and the Options II is that the Optima weighs 36.6 pounds while the Options II is 46 pounds. The nearly 9-pound difference certainly is a highlight. The Optima does not have the iPod dock, but all other features are the same as the Options Tandem II.

Kolcraft Contours has a lightweight model called the Contours Lite. It has a jaunty orange canopy that gives adequate shade, a nice large storage basket, snack tray, parent cup holder and single wheels for exceptional maneuverability. Moms and Dads rave about the Lite with their 4-star reviews for durability and good value across various online retailers. Consumer Reports gives it “very good” marks for ease of use, maneuverability and safety. Here’s the best part: It costs only $54 on Amazon!

The Contours Options 3-Wheeler is a convertible stroller with a modern design. It has a reversing toddler seat and comes with an infant car seat adapter that you can use to convert your stroller into a lightweight, stylish travel system. I’ve seen the Options 3-Wheeler around my neighborhood and it looks as good in person as it does in the picture. It can hold your child up to 50 pounds and has features like a big basket, cupholders for both mom and child and an adjustable sun canopy. The Contours Options 3-Wheeler has also gotten 4-star reviews and is the least expensive convertible stroller you can buy without sacrificing quality.

Can you see why I’m so excited about the Kolcraft Contours line of strollers? Tell me what you think.

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