New Crib Standard

| June 28, 2011 | 0 Comments
a safer generation of cribs

New crib safety rules implemented by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (Credit: U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission)

Beginning today June 28th, 2011 there is a ban on drop side cribs in the United States. From now on cribs will have to be designed to be safer and be tested before they can be sold and it bans the manufacture, sale and resale of drop-side cribs. This is the first change that has occurred in the crib industry in decades because of all the accidents that results in the death of many children. There is also a huge change in the safety testing on the cribs when it comes to the tightening of screws, mattress support and crib slats. The new rules, which apply to full-size and non full-size cribs, prohibit the manufacture or sale of traditional drop-side rail cribs, strengthen crib slats and mattress supports, improve the quality of hardware and require more rigorous testing.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission promises that these are the toughest safety standards they have imposed on cribs thus far. A word to the wise parents: hotels, motels and especially day care centers throughout the United States can continue to use drop-side rail cribs for another 18 months. They have until December 28, 2012, before it is mandatory that they switch to cribs that are part of the new federal standards. Always make sure to check the crib before putting your child in it. If you are buying a new crib make sure you ask the manufacturer or retailer whether the crib complies with 16 CFR 1220 compliant. If currently have crib find out if your drop-side crib has not been recalled, you can call the manufacturer and ask if they are making an immobilizer for your crib.

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