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Changes after the hinge recall and consumer feelings going forward.

boy in baby buggy2009 was a dark year for Maclaren when about a million of their single and double strollers were recalled after a dozen reports of children’s finger amputations came to the company. When the stroller was opened or closed, little fingers would get caught in the hinge causing severe injury.

Maclaren responded by supplying consumers with a cloth hinge cover for these older models and the hazard was fixed. However, in May 2011, Maclaren reissued the recall when more calls came in reporting injuries. Please see the Consumer Product Safety Commission article about this reissued recall.

Since this debacle, have you noticed the hinges are now round? It looks fabulous, and has not interfered with the performance. Recent Maclaren stroller reviews across the board have been strongly positive, and this umbrella stroller is still one of the best you can buy for errands and travel.

Infant consumer guide Baby Bargains gave Maclaren a “B” grade in their newly released issue, downgrading it from previous years. This is still an acceptable grade and has only to do with the recall and Maclaren’s handling of it. Current strollers are an excellent value and are considered safe.

Likewise Consumer Reports has rated the Techno XT, Quest Sport and Triumph each with good, very good and excellent marks in safety, maneuverability and ease of use categories.

All Maclaren models start from the basics and go up in features and amenities with each model. Here’s a quick summary of their models. The weight quoted includes the hood and shopping basket attached.

  • Volo: This is the entry model weighs 8.6 pounds, mesh seat, canopy, storage basket and five-point harness. The seat does not recline.
  • Triumph: Next up is the very popular Triumph, weighing 11 pounds and has a 2-position reclining seat. Babies three months and older can ride.
  • Quest Sport: From the Triumph we go to the Quest Sport, which has more seat padding, an extendible foot rest, peek-a-boo window and a 4-position seat recline. Again only babies three months and older are recommended for this stroller.
  • Techno XT: Weighing about 15 pounds, the Techno XT is Maclaren’s top-of-the-line model. With the cushiest seat padding, height adjustable handles, flip-out sun visor and full leg extender, it has everything. The Techno XT reclines completely flat, too, so your newborn can ride.
  • Techno LXR: The Techno XLR is just like the XT but it is an inch and a half wider so that it can accommodate an infant car seat and become a travel system. This stroller comes with a car seat adapter and it weighs 16.5 pounds for a sturdy, stable ride for your newborn.
  • Twin Triumph: This double weighs 21.6 pounds and is suitable from birth since it has a 4-position recline. It’s one of the best double umbrella strollers on the market.
  • Twin Techno: Peek-a-boo windows and visors, extendable leg rests, reflective accents, and more padding differentiate the Twin Techno from the Twin Triumph. The extra amenities make it a pure pleasure to use.
  • Easy Traveller: This is Maclaren’s car seat stroller frame weighing 11 pounds. It has a large shopping basket and folds easily. The Easy Traveler accommodates most car seat brands.

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