Best Baby Monitor Reviews

| February 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

There are so many things to worry about and buy before you little one goes home from the hospital. Depending on the size of your home on of the items that may be at the top of your list is an infant monitor. An infant monitor provides you the piece of mind that you can see what is going on it your child’s room at all times.

Before I bought my infant monitor I took a lot of time researching it online. Thanks to the internet there are many places that parents can go and share information – and boy do they share! They will tell you the good, bad and ugly of just about any product you want to know about. I find that if there are more than 5 parents complaining about the same issue with the monitor, lets use that example, then I find the complaints are usually accurate. Another great resource if your own friends. They can be a great resource and can even let you know how the monitor survives you little one. If I remember correctly, I remember buying at least 2 monitors – one for home and one to travel with. Fisher Price was great for a cheaper model that is still around and I just handed it down to a friend of mine!

I suggest you read our Summer Infant Monitor Review to get started on your baby monitor review quest!
Summer Infant Flat Screen Color Video Monitor – Model 02500

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