March 23 is Chips and Dip Day

Ashley B | March 23, 2021 | 3 Comments

Did you know that today is Chip and Dip Day? Neither did I, but I can definitely see the potential for fun in celebrating such a holiday! Kids tend to love chips, with or without dip. And moms love chips, too… sometimes a little too much. While your first thought at “chips and dip” might […]


Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ashley B | March 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

There’s something about the fresh spring air and sunshine that inspires us all to throw open the windows and beat, scrub and wash wintertime’s dinginess away, isn’t there? Our mothers probably did this, and called it spring cleaning. Now that I’m a mom myself, it tends to be one more thing to add to my […]


Things to Do on Spring Break at Home

Tina | March 15, 2021 | 17 Comments

Some school districts have spring break in March, and others have it in April. With the many snow storms so far this year they have been wreaking havoc across the northeast, some school districts closed for a week in February and will be losing their spring breaks! If this is the case for you, you […]


Time Change Spring Forward and Change Batteries

Tina | March 13, 2021 | 1 Comment

Change your clocks and smoke alarm batteries
This weekend we are set to “Spring Forward” or set our clocks forward an hour in accordance with Daylight Savings Time, 2 a.m. on Sunday. The kids always ask me why we have to change the clocks and I am never really sure what to tell them. I always […]


What to Buy on Sale in March

Tina | February 28, 2021 | 17 Comments

You know what they say about March: It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. As the lion blows through, you can look forward to warmer spring days ahead. You can also look forward to some great sales, as there are items that typically are on sale this month. The good […]


Anxiety After Getting COVID Vaccine

Sue | February 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

I want to remind everyone that I am not a doctor. I can’t even say that I am all that experienced with anxiety and panic attacks as I have only experienced them for 8 months. I only want to share my experience regarding the COVID vaccine, so others know they are not alone.
I have various […]



Climbing Out of a Food Rut

Do you ever feel like you’re making the same foods over and over again? This was recently a topic of conversation one evening when I was out with friends. It can be difficult to think of different things to cook, particularly this time of year when everyone is busy. Since eating the same foods or […]

Red, White and Blue Flag Fruit Salad

Looking for a healthy alternative to dessert this fourth of July or Memorial Day? Summer is the perfect time for fresh fruit and there are so many options!
1. Core pineapple and dice. Slice bananas on the same cutting board so they get a little pineapple juice on them, this help keep them from turning brown.
If […]


Things to Buy on Sale in September

September is here! When I lived in New England, this was always my favorite time of year: the air would be crisp in the mornings, but still comfortably warm in the afternoons. Living in Florida now, I miss those days of early fall!
Now the kids are back in school (or returning after this upcoming weekend, […]

Things to Buy on Sale in August

It’s almost August already! This is typically the time to stock up on back-to-school items if you live in a state that doesn’t start back to school until the end of the month or after Labor Day. (You might still be able to get some great deals in the states that start earlier, as well, […]

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