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Growing May Flowers: Easy Picks for New Gardeners

| May 17, 2023 | 0 Comments

The April showers should be winding down now, as it’s time for May flowers, as the saying goes. The reality is that when you plant flowers really depends on where you live. Before you try to plant anything, you should talk to someone at your local nursery or at least look up which agricultural zone […]

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May is Foster Care Awareness Month

| May 9, 2023 | 0 Comments

A few years ago, my son took karate classes, and there were two girls in his class, sisters, who were staying with a foster family. The foster mom was really sweet, and when they went back to their biological mom, it was really bittersweet. Of course she was happy for them that they were reunited […]

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Earth Day Activities for your Kids

| April 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Earth Day is an annual reminder to take care of the Earth for not only us, but the generations to come. It’s a great time to teach your kids small things they can do to leave less of a carbon footprint. Here are a few things you can do with your kids on April 22nd […]

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April is Autism Awareness Month

| April 3, 2023 | 0 Comments

Approximately 1 in 88 children has been diagnosed with autism, so chances are good that you know someone who is affected by this condition. Autism comes in various forms, and carries symptoms and signs that range from mild to severe. As your child goes through school, she will probably encounter children with autism. Autistic children […]

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

| March 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

There’s something about the fresh spring air and sunshine that inspires us all to throw open the windows and beat, scrub and wash wintertime’s dinginess away, isn’t there? Our mothers probably did this and called it spring cleaning. Now that I’m a mom myself, it tends to be one more thing to add to my […]

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February is Black History Month

| February 11, 2023 | 1 Comment

During the month of February, your child may be spending time in school learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, and other notable African Americans that have impacted our country’s history. You can help cement your child’s understanding of the issues of racism in the United States by talking at home […]

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January Birthdays are meant to be Celebrated

| January 9, 2023 | 1 Comment

Another year has come and gone, and it’s January once again. I’ve always been particularly fond of January because it happens to be my birthday month! My mother and my son are also January babies, so for my family, it’s a time of celebrating, even though the month of big celebratory holidays has just passed.

Having […]

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Favorite Holiday Movies for the Family

| December 7, 2022 | 32 Comments

With the wind blowing and the snow falling, December is a great month for snuggling in with the family for frequent movie nights or marathon afternoons! December is the time that all of the holiday classics play, so you might just be able to watch what’s already playing on television. Otherwise, you can always hit […]

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December is Write a Friend a Letter Month

| December 2, 2022 | 22 Comments

December is often seen as a time to connect with old friends and faraway family members. It’s cold in many areas of the country, and of course several holidays fall within the course of the month. Did you know that December is designated as Write-a-Friend-a-Letter Month? Since people tend to batten down the hatches and […]

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Fun Craft Ideas for November

| November 8, 2022 | 10 Comments

November is here, and the fall season is in full force. If you’re looking for new and interesting craft ideas to keep yourself and your kids busy, there is no better time of year than this. The season and the upcoming holidays lend themselves to all sorts of creative activities, and fall is a great […]

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