Things to Buy on Sale in April

| March 31, 2023 | 1 Comment

You can find great deals on nearly anything, if you know when to buy. Shopping in April is no exception; by stocking up on the items you need that are on sale, you can save money without sacrificing quality or going without. Here are some things that tend to go on sale in April:

  • Raincoats. You know that April showers bring May flowers, and they also bring great savings on raincoats. I know that it’s not rainy season in some areas of the country, so it can be easy to forget that you’ll need protection from the rain a few months from now, but no matter where you live, check to see if raincoats are on sale.
  • Laptops. These portable computers go on sale in April, and then not again until late summer (in time for back-to-school savings), so if you’ll need to upgrade before then, now’s the time to buy.
  • Tires and other car care products. Since April is National Car Care Month, stock up on car care supplies and get new tires before you head out on your summertime road trips.
  • Dealers need to start clearing out the old merchandise to make room for the new cars coming in during the warmer months, so now is the time to start looking if you are ready to buy a car this spring. Savings on used cars will be the greatest.
  • Spring clothing. The summer styles are starting to come out, so the cooler-weather styles of spring are on clearance! Visit your favorite department stores, or go online shopping, and be sure to visit the sales racks.
  • Easter candy and decorations. Easter is at the beginning of the month this year, so go shopping for next year’s decorations after the 8th. If you love Peeps and Cadbury Cream Eggs, now’s the time to stock up!
  • Sneakers. The kids may have already outgrown the shoes you bought before school started, and you might be ready to start a new running program, now that spring has sprung. Save money on a great product while doing a good deed by using one of our TOMS coupons. A TOMS coupon code gets you a great deal on a pair of shoes while passing along a new pair to a person in need.
  • Spring cleaning supplies. You are ready to rid your house of the dirt, dust and grime that’s accumulated all winter, and retailers know it. Vacuum cleaners are on sale, and some stores will have special sales on other cleaning supplies as well.
  • Seasonal fruits and veggies. These may vary depending on where you live, but in general, the produce of spring is ready, available and cheap. Varieties include pineapples, avocados, kiwi, grapefruit, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms and peas.

Take advantage of your tax refund by stocking up on the items that typically go on sale in April! Do you have any other tips on saving money on products in April?

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