TOMS Glitters Collection Dressed Up time for the Holidays

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TOMS Shoes holiday glittersIf you are one of many women that love to look stylish and would love to look super great for the holidays, then you should really consider buying shoes from the TOMS Glitters Collection for the Holidays. All of the shoes in this collection are obviously made with glitter and for the holidays, which is why tons of women have been buying them lately. However, the best part about buying shoes from this collection is the fact that you can even buy a matching one for your daughter. This is just part of the TOMS Shoes Holiday Collection and as a special offer ShopaholicMommy has TOMS Coupons available!

What colors are available for women? There are a bunch of colors that you can choose from, which means you don’t need to worry about not finding your favorite color. TOMS retails gold, silver, black, pink, blue, bridal white, and ivory white colored shoes. All of the shoes in this collection still have the classic TOMS suede insole that is cushioned or extra comfortable on the feet. The shoes also have an inserted latex arch so that you will have extra comfort while you are partying all night.

What colors are available for Tiny Toms and Youth? There are also tons of colors that you can choose from for your tiny and big child. The colors options are red, pink, gold, black, blue, pink, and silver. The Youth and Tiny Toms shoes also have the classic TOMS insole suede that delivers extra comfort. The shoes also have an elastic V so that it will be easier for your child to put the shoes on and off. All of the shoes also happen to be super durable, so even if your child wears them a lot it will not break nor dismantle whatsoever. The best part about wearing TOMS glitter shoes for the holidays is the fact that they happen to really stand out amongst other shoes.

How much are the shoes in this collection? The women glitter shoes are all $54.00 while the youth shoes are $42.00, and the Tiny TOMS shoes are only $32.00. However, considering the fact that the shoes are super nice and durable, the price just happens to be secondary. What I really like about the shoes in this collection is the fact that whenever lights spotlight on them they will really light up. The glitter isn’t too shocking so you don’t have to worry about your feet over powering your clothes.

Why should people really buy TOMS shoes?

Not only should you buy the shoes in this collection because they are super stylish and durable, but also because you are actually helping someone who is less fortunate to experience the luxury of having shoes. Every time you purchase a pair of TOMS shoes, you are actually giving a pair to someone that isn’t able to buy a pair. TOMS One For One charity happens to be such a great way to help the less fortunate, as they are using their beautiful and addictive shows as a tool to help others.

So, if you want to help TOMS be able to help the less fortunate, then you should really consider buying a pair of their shoes. Not only will you be helping others receive shoes, but you are also getting what you want because you will be receiving such amazing looking glitter shoes.

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