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Throughout the years, the economy and recession has been recovering, but sadly there has already been dozens of people that are in need of help. That is why various brands have been trying their very best to help those that are in need of help, but there happens to be tons of people that need help that can’t do it on their own. All of these brands happen to give back to the community in very different ways, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter how they give back because as long as they care about the community, it makes this world a much better place. What are some brands that give back to the community?

Kohls Cares – Kohls believes that they should give back to the community that they serve, but not just by giving away resources and money, but also by giving time and talent. From their volunteer program and their community giving, they actually support kids’ education and also kids’ health. Not only do Kohls support kids, but they also help women’s health and also have environmental initiatives. The Kohls brands’ main goal for the near future is for every single kid to be and stay healthy, and for resources to be plentiful, and also for diseases in women to completely eradicate. Kohls believes that in order to give back, they must also look ahead. Throughout the year Kohls sets certain items such as books and stuffed animals by the cash register and all items are $5 each and 100% of the net profits are donated.  This past October, Vera Wang joined Kohls to create a line of watches, cups and purses and each sale of those items went to support the fight against breast cancer.

TOMS Shoes and Eyewear – The TOMS brand is well known for being very generous, as the way they give back to the community happens to be very touching. Every single time a customer purchases a pair of their shoes, the company will actually give a pair to a child that is in need of shoes. Not only are they helping people that are in need, but they are also teaching people how to give through there very stylish shoes. Not only do TOMS give shoes, but every time someone buys their sunglasses, the brand will actually restore a blind persons eyesight and works with organizations around to world to help restore eyesight to someone in need. The way that TOMS tries to help the community happens to be very unique because they are using their very addictive apparel as a tool to help others. Learn about how to give back with TOMS Eyewear and TOMS Coupon Code.

Crocs Cares – Crocs is known for being the global leader when it comes to casual footwear. Crocs Inc. really does recognize the responsibility that they have to the global community and also to their employees. Crocs really does strive to do their very best to always give back as it is truly a part of Crocs’s culture and happens to also be their reputation. However, Crocs is able to cater to all of those people because of the their very generous donation partners like Brothers Brother Foundation, Feed The Children, World Emergency Relief, and of course UNICEF. With their help, Crocs Inc. is capable to give the basic necessities such as shoes to over a million people that aren’t fortunate enough to have a pair. Ever since the year of 2007, Crocs Inc. was able to donate over two million pairs of shoes for people that truly need them around the world. Crocs have been able to cater over 40 different countries around the world such as Iraq, Malawi, and Haiti.†From all of these donations and all of their beautiful charities, Crocs was able to even create the program called Crocs Cares SM. Find out about Crocs Coupon Code.
Skechers Bobs – The Skechers Bobs collection shoes were actually inspired by traditional South American alpargata shoes, and their main charity idea was that every time a pair is sold, they will give one to a child in need. Skechers created their Bobs collection so that they can be able to help every single child to experience the basic luxury of shoes. Their charity idea isn’t a new way of helping people, as it has been done by many brands, but it is truly a great way to help children. The Skechers brand is very happy to have this charity that is capable to really help children without shoes. Not only are the shoes in the Bobs collection are packaged completely earth-friendly, they designed the shoes to be very comfortable, stylish and also very durable. Learn more about Skechers Coupon Code and savings.

Macy’s Thanks for Sharing – Each year from September to December Macys teams up with its cardholders to give back. Macy’s donates ten dollars to benefit such organizations as the Make a Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Family Violence Prevention Fund. Each year since the program started Macy’s has donated up to $15 million dollars to these charities. All you have to do is sign up and pay the $25 enrollment fee and enjoy 10% rewards on your purchases and help a good cause. Learn more about Macy’s Thanks for Sharing program.

So, if you are one of many people that want to support brands that help the community, then you should really shop at these brands above.

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