Holiday Shipping Ends Today! Give Joy #TOMS

| December 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

The countdown has begun and if you aren’t feeling the pressure yet then you should be because there are only a few hours left to buy and ship your purchases to get them in time for Christmas! TOMS added some last minute gifts to their collection like Hats, Scarves, Hoodies & more. Stay warm & do good with TOMS Winter additions to the TOMS Apparel Collection. Just like everything else you buy from TOMS it is all One for One! The Holidays are approaching ultra fast, so people should really consider to dress up their best and to impress all of the family members and friends that they will be reuniting with during parties; however, despite the fact that they are many places to purchase Holiday clothing, it doesn’t mean that all are worth buying. One of the best brands to purchase Holiday clothes is from TOMS, as the brand is well known for retailing such quality products. December 20th is you last day to buy and ship your holiday TOMS Gifts in time with next day air! As always we want to help you save money off your TOMS with TOMS Coupons!

What Are The Items In The TOMS Holiday Apparel?

-Men: There are various items in the TOMS Holiday Apparel collection for men such as hoodies, sweaters (unisex), t-shirts, tank tops (unisex), caps, scarves, hats, necklaces, and of course, TOMS’ gift card, flag, gift pack, and stickers. All of the items in the collection are great for the Holidays, and the best part is that if you buy the shirts that have the One for One logo, you will be spreading the wonderful word that TOMS is trying to give out.

-Women: The items in the TOMS Holiday Apparel collection for women are sweaters (unisex), hoodies, t-shirts, v-necks, tank tops (unisex), hats, caps, scarfs, necklaces, and of course, TOMS’ gift cards, gift pack, stickers, and flag. The items in the collection are all very nice and are perfect to wear during the Holidays.

How Much Do The Items Cost?
The prices in both the men and women collection range from $5.00 to $150.00, but all are very worth buying, as the design and quality of everything are of high quality.

So, if you are one of many people that want to look nice during the holidays, then you should most definitely consider buying items in the TOMS Holiday Apparel collection, as everything that is in the collection are all very nicely designed and are made with very nice quality. We are giving TOMS shoes, eyewear and apparel this holiday season and we used TOMS Coupon Code to save money and you can too! Happy Holidays to you and we hope you love your TOMS as much as we do!

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