Anonymous donors Helping Shoppers at Christmas

| December 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Christmas season is often filled with the hustle and bustle. People are going to office parties, school recitals, church programs, and family gatherings. Lost in all of this business is the idea that people are still doing wonderful things for other people just because it is the Christmas season. Here are some heart-warming stories that show how people are reaching out to others, even people that they have never met, just to spread some Christmas cheer.

In the news recently there are countless stories all over the United States about layaway accounts. One good act of kindness is that people are paying off other people’s layaways. Random people are just going up to layaway counters and asking the balance on a random layaway. If the balance is within their budget, they just pay it off, leave a card that says Merry Christmas and then walk away. When that person or family shows up to pay off their layaway, the clerk says that it is already paid for and gives them their purchase. This makes people more likely to pay it forward. It is quite possible that the person that had their layaway paid for will pay for someone else’s.

I wish the holidays did not have such a huge emphasis on the gifts. We decided that if you do have to buy gifts we want to buy from companies that give back. This way we know that our purchase is helping us get a gift and it is helping someone else in this world. In our article Shop with Brands that Give Back year-round we covered all the companies that we shop with and how they give back. TOMS Shoes One of One program is one of our favorites and they even offer TOMS Coupons to help you save on your purchases.

Another random act of kindness is happening in drive-thrus all across America. The car that pulls up to the window to pay says that they will also pay for the person’s food behind them in line. When the second car pulls up, they find out that their food has already been paid for. They usually will pay for the person’s food behind them and so on and so forth. This Christmas kindness also happens inside of restaurants where people will pay for a family’s order.

Another awesome Christmas miracle is the amount of people that volunteer to serve Christmas dinners or to ring the bells to raise money. Many people give and work with local food and clothing banks. This is all so great but there is one thing that is the most important. All of this kindness does not go unnoticed by our children. The children of families in need and the children of the families that are giving back will realize our kindness. Any parent knows that children learn by our examples. There is no better example to show than being unselfish and giving. If we could help to raise a generation of children that realize that the real joy of the holiday season is to give back to their fellow man, then our children will begin to realize that helping is how we can save our planet. Giving back and helping are not political causes, but they are human causes. Helping and giving back go beyond religion, race, and gender. It goes to the heart of humanity and this year our hearts seem to be growing. The next time that the hustle and bustle seem to be getting the best of us, remember to stop and give back.

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