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TOMS Shoes promo code versus a promotional code vs a coupon code? They all mean the same thing – don’t let it confuse you.

TOMS had its humble beginnings in the mind of Blake Mycoskie, its founder. On a trip to Argentina has visited a village and noticed the hardships faced by poor children growing up without the benefit of shoes. TOMS shoe company was born in 2006 and upon Blake’s return to the United States made his idea a reality. Children without shoes suffer unnecessary cuts and sores on their feet, cuts that all too often become infected and cause general disease that could have been avoided and TOMS is looking to help. TOMS company’s mission is to sell a pair of shoes today, so that it can give a pair of shoes tomorrow.After founding TOMS Shoes Blake Mycoskie returned with a team of people to Argentina in 2007, bringing with him 10,000 pairs of shoes to donate to the country’s children. Other charities and giving partners have joined with the company, and as of April 2010, TOMS Shoes has given more than one million pairs of shoes to poor children in developing nations. When you buy a pair of TOMS Shoes, you are not only getting a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes for yourself, but with TOMS One for One Movement, every time someone buys a pair of TOMS Shoes, a pair is given to a needy child in a developing country.

We offer you the opportunity to not only help a child in need but save money when you use TOMS promo code. TOMS promo code for 2011 are available from many different sources. is the company website where you can read about current news and find promo codes for TOMS.

The average savings with TOMS shoes promo code is $5 off the order. Sometimes there are special promotions and you can use coupons for TOMS along with other savings. TOMS shoes is committed to their One for One model and using TOMS shoes coupons will not change that. TOMS get a pair give a pair commitment.

TOMS shoes promo code usually provide $5 off any order. For even bigger savings, use coupons for TOMS in conjunction with a sale. The company always has a variety of clearance items. And, it doesn’t matter if you use TOMS shoes promo or buy a clearance item — TOMS will still donate a pair of shoes regardless the TOMS coupon code does not change that.

There are no other shoes that offer the comfort and style of TOMS Shoes. TOMS shoes promo codes come in a variety of colors and styles, for both men and women, and with such a selection of beautiful, well made shoes, you can be sure to find the the perfect pair of TOMS Shoes for you. TOMS promo code is good towards the purchase of TOMS clothing. Enter your TOMS promo codes when prompted.

As you can see, TOMS is a company that you can feel good about making a purchase from because when you buy your TOMS Shoes, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of the children of developing countries. With a wide variety of beautiful shoes to choose from at an affordable price, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t make your next shoe purchase from TOMS Shoes and save money with TOMS shoes promo code.

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