TOMS Shoes Vegan Collection

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TOMS Shoes Vegan Shoe Collection

Individuals who choose to live a vegan lifestyle do not just do so by adopting a meatless diet, to many vegans, veganism is equal to animal free. And, that means that product like leather, wool, and fur as well as any other products associated with animals are avoided. So, alternatives to shoes made using leather are worn. Persons transitioning to an animal free lifestyle can now do so easily, alternatives to almost every traditional product can be found due to the popularity of the vegan lifestyle. TOMS Shoes offer an entire vegan shoe line for men and women.

What is the difference between vegan shoes and non-vegan shoes?
While some traditional shoes are made using leather and other animal products, vegan shoes are one hundred percent free of any animal products. Instead, meatless shoes are made from alternative materials that include hemp, cotton, polyueratine, rubber, recycled plastics, used tires and other man made materials. TOMS offer Vegan wrap boots, organic classics, and vegan classics. Find great vegan style shoes at TOMS Shoes!

Types of vegan footwear
The only difference between vegan and non-vegan footwear is the absence of animal products in the vegan alternative. Man-made leathers used in the manufacturing of vegan shoes very closely resemble real leather in both the looks and feel. Improvements have made wearing alternative leather shoes breathable and comfortable. Individuals can find vegan footwear in the same style as non-vegan shoes, and that includes casual, dressy, athletic and trendy.

TOMS Shoes is a cutting edge company that operates on a One for One model meaning for every pair of shoes they sell they give a pair of shoes away to a poor child. TOMS is about providing shoes for Tomorrow. More than one million pairs of shoes have been given to children worldwide through this program. The needy children are in places as diverse as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, South Africa and the United States of America.

To learn more about TOMS Shoes you should read our special dedication to TOMS Shoes:

There are no other shoes that offer the comfort and style of TOMS Shoes. TOMS shoes coupons come in a variety of colors and styles, for both men and women, and with such a selection of beautiful, well made shoes, you can be sure to find the the perfect pair of TOMS Shoes for you. TOMS coupon code 2011 is good towards the purchase of TOMS clothing. Enter your TOMS coupon codes when prompted.

As you can see, TOMS is a company that you can feel good about making a purchase from because when you buy your TOMS Shoes, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of the children of developing countries. With a wide variety of beautiful shoes to choose from at an affordable price, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t make your next shoe purchase from TOMS Shoes and save money with TOMS coupons.

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  1. Alali says:

    I was wondering, is it true that the non-vegan shoes are made from pig’s leather?
    Or is it from other animal’s leather?

    Thank you

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