August is National Immunization Awareness Month

| August 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

With the kids headed back to school soon, August is a popular month for parents to make appointments for back-to-school doctors’ visits. August is also National Immunization Awareness Month, so it’s a great time to talk to your child’s doctor about any vaccines that he may need this year. The recommendations change fairly frequently as […]


Most Unique Pet Names in 2013

| July 31, 2013 | 1 Comment

Tiger, Buster, Max, Buddy, Poohbear, Taz, Cookie, TJ, Lucky, Daisy, Mickey, Bear, Crush, Copper, Daffy, Drew Kitty and Skipper Tom are some of the pet names our family has used.  We had several pets grace our home over the years including a few dogs, several cats, turtles, parakeets, hamsters, gold fish and even ducks. One […]


Choosing Your Child’s Teacher: Pros and Cons

| July 31, 2013 | 2 Comments

I received an email from my children’s school recently, asking if I’d like to choose their teachers before they all got together and made classroom assignments. Granted, my kids go to a small charter school, so there are only two classrooms per grade, but from what I hear from friends, many schools offer the option […]


Old Wives’ Tales: Fact or Fiction?

| July 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

You already know that going out with wet hair won’t cause pneumonia, despite hearing your grandmother say just the contrary. And although it’s fun to guess the sex of an unborn child before the ultrasound, we now know that dangling a ring over a mama-to-be’s belly isn’t an accurate way of guessing whether to buy […]


Homemade Ice Cream Truck Delights

| July 23, 2013 | 4 Comments

One of the quintessential sounds of summer, drawing the attention of children all over the country, is the joyful tune emanating from an ice cream truck. You may have seen the joke circulating around Facebook about ice cream trucks: It says something like, “My dad always told me that the ice cream truck played music […]


The Search for Green Laundry Detergent

| July 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

I have been reading recently about the additives and contaminants found in laundry detergents. My favorite detergent has been Tide: The clothes come out nice and clean, and they smell great, too. Unfortunately, Tide is one of the detergents that contain a lot of potentially harmful chemicals, it seems. Reading more about this issue, I […]



Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over French invaders in 1862. Today it is celebrated not only in Mexico but in the US as well. We LOVE mexican food (as a matter of fact tacos are on our weekly family menu) and we can’t wait to have our fiesta tonight! Here are some […]

Teaching Kids to Cook: Easy Foods to Start With

Do your kids like to cook? Do they know how to make anything? My daughter is nine and I was surprised to learn that her best friend, also nine, does not know how to cook anything at all. I asked her mom about it (she’s a close friend of mine) and she said that she […]


Things to Buy on Sale in August

It’s almost August already! This is typically the time to stock up on back-to-school items if you live in a state that doesn’t start back to school until the end of the month or after Labor Day. (You might still be able to get some great deals in the states that start earlier, as well, […]

Things to Buy on Sale in July

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through the year? It’s already July, and retailers are taking advantage of the hot weather, Independence Day and school starting next month in many areas. You’ll see “Christmas in July” sales at many stores, and occasionally, the deals rival those that you might find on Black Friday! This […]

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