LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Review

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Leapfrog makes the best Tablet for kids
Voted Toy of the Year in 2012 ! Leappad Learning Tablet from Leapfrog is at the top of the Christmas toy list this year. Each year parents are pelleted with the famous “I want that!” exclamation after each new commercial for the latest toy. The Leappad Learning Tablet is certainly going to be on every child’s wish list, and parents will be happy to place this gift under the tree! This tablet is designed for kids. You will not have to try to make a tablet designed for adults function for a child. The Leappad Learning Tablet has all the cool features of the grown-up tablets, but with apps designed to entertain and teach kids from 4 years old to 9 years old. This tablet is well built, and can withstand the bumps and drops that inevitably happen in the hands of youngsters.

The Leappad Learning Tablet has a very clear five inch screen and 2GB of memory. It is powered by four AA batteries. Being battery powered allows for many hours of play on the go. Rechargeable batteries are a great option to keep your tablet powered up! A USB cable is provided with the Leappad to allow downloading of apps and the transfer of pictures and video. The tablet has a build in camera with the capability to take still shots and record video with sound. The Leappad also has a variety of options for enhancing the still shots. You can add silly captions, frames or borders, and other graphics to your pictures. The Leappad also comes with a stylus. The great thing about the stylus is that it has a tether! You can also use the tablet without the stylus by touching the screen. The tablet comes with three apps installed, and one more app of your choice may be added as part of the initial purchase. The Leappad Learning Tablet typically sells for around $100. The games and apps retail for about $25 each.

Leappad Learning Tablet has over 100 games and apps available. Games for Leapster Explorer and LeapFrog Explorer are also compatible with the Tablet. The expected games and apps that help build spelling and vocabulary are available, as well as games and apps to develop math skills. The variety of these learning games is sure to keep your child interested. In addition to those games, there are some games and apps that you might be surprised to find. For instance, Discovery Education wildlife video apps are available. Does your child like to draw? Encourage their artistic side with Disney Animation Artist. Maybe you would like to develop a musical interest. Hamster Music lets your child write their own music! One of the best products available is Ultra eBooks. These books are interactive and adjust the reading skill level to challenge your child and hold their interest. As your child becomes more advanced the reading skill level is adjusted to from simple short sentences to longer sentences with bigger words.

Check out the Leappad Learning Tablet for yourself. You will be glad you did!

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