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Luggage tagsWe are getting ready to take a few summer trips and I am trying to think of ways to be able to identify my luggage quicker. Recently, we traveled via air to see relatives out of state and had a near heart attack when I thought my bag did not make it. You know that sinking feeling when you are one of the last ones standing there at the luggage carousel while everyone else has left. It is not the way you want to start off your trip. Now, I realize that there aren’t any assurances that your luggage will arrive with you at your destination unless you take a direct flight but, even then once you check your bag in its potluck. Here’s a suggestion, never walk away from the baggage area until you have seen your bag safely ride the conveyer belt and go out of sight. Did you know that the Department of Transportation reports that only 0.005% of all checked baggage is permanently lost. Make sure you always keep the little sticker copy they attach to your receipt because it helps them track the luggage down faster.

Many people lose their luggage and it is extremely frustrating, but the one thing that keeps people sane about it all is the fact that their bags each have individual luggage tags on them just in case they get misplaced and need to be mailed somewhere. Each luggage tag has all of the important information of the owner, including their phone number, name, and address. These luggage tags are essential, and without them a lost bag would never be returned, it could end up anywhere in the world with no way of being traced back to the owner. I recently found a place online that sells personalize luggage tags starting at $4.99 from Vistaprint. You are probably wondering why would Vistaprint sell luggage tags and the answer is simple, public demand. Vistaprint for the most part has products and print services for business and we all know how often business people travel. Vistaprint create luggage tags for you and your business that travel with you where ever you go. Listen, we are all standing at the same luggage carousel waiting and what are we all looking for our bag and the luggage tag attached to it. I have actually kept extra luggage tags with me and handed them out like I would a business card because you never know where you can find new business opportunities!

Don’t rely on the luggage tags that the airport provides because they are flimsy and sure not to survive the plan ride. Create custom tags for your travel bags that are printed on flexible, long-lasting vinyl! These luggage tags seem to be strong and able to withstand what the cheap airport luggage tags could not. Vistaprint luggage tags are even waterproof, and don’t rely on one string to hold it to my luggage. My favorite part of the Vistaprint tags are the fact that they can personalized and completely customizable by me! There are hundreds of designs to choose from and you can even add your own photo to it if that is your preference. Ordering a luggage tag online from Vistaprint was easy; it only took a few minutes. It was also very affordable and it is of high quality that seems to be long lasting. But, most importantly, it eliminated my fears of my luggage tag being separated from my luggage as it was being moved on and off of the plane. Thanks to these customizable luggage tags, I can fly to my destination without thinking about losing my luggage. We found a few Vistaprint Coupons to help you save money off your purchase. Get your self some new luggage tags before your next vacation and travel with more piece of mind !

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