TOMS Ticket To Give: A New Way To Bring Change In The World

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TOMS is yet on another journey to give happiness and joy this year. Ever since this shoe company started, they reached out to people all over the world with their one of kind Argentinean-inspired shoes. They’ve also created more than a reliable shoe company, they created a wonderful way for people to contribute to every single child in need. Their One For One movement continues to become a success and now they have the TOMS Ticket To Give. This new way of giving will bring customers closer to kids around the world. Let’s take a look at this new and fun way of giving with TOMS.

How Does It Work
Each time a customer purchases a pair of TOMS through their website, they are entitled to sign up for a chance to be one of the lucky customers every week to participate at a TOMS Giving Trip. This once in a lifetime experience will create an amazing bond between a customer and the children who will be given a new pair of shoes from TOMS. TOMS Ticket To Give is open for customers and fans starting at age of thirteen.

The Inspiration Of Blake Mycoskie For TOMS Ticket To Give
It is no wonder that Blake Mycoskie created a wonderful way for people to share their love to children all over the world. Blake was greatly moved by the concept of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Blake Mycoskie always makes sure that his job is more than creating a new shoe but to travel around the world on his Giving Trips. This year the team of TOMS would also like to show their appreciation to their valued customers and fans in the United States. A lucky person will be given a chance to join the company’s Giving Trips to experience how fulfilling it is to give back to the world.

When Will The Contest Start?
TOMS Ticket To Give contest will start on March 5th 2012. The family of TOMS would like to have a lot of people to take part of their Giving Trip. They want to give these folks an experience that they will be able to treasure for all their life. There is no doubt that giving makes people feel good and fulfilled in their life. Now, fans and loyal customers of TOMS will have a first-hand experience on what it means to make a difference. The founder and creator of TOMS is hoping that he will be able to be congratulate the winners personally. When purchasing a pair to TOMS Shoes remember to use our dedicated TOMS Coupons. This can offer you an additional savings by using a TOMS Coupon Code.

This wonderful contest brings a whole new meaning to the word: Change. It is a great way to reach out to more communities that are in need and people who will win the contest will experience it. They will be able to immerse themselves in different countries and understand the struggles that each person has to face daily. Creating change not only for people who need it but for individuals who want to experience life and the beauty that it can bring. Take this once in a lifetime experience and you just might find yourself one of the lucky winners of TOMS Ticket To Give.

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