TOMS Campus Classics Just in Time for Gameday

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Today is that start of the 2012 College Football Season! By now, if you follow ShopaholicMommy you know that we are big football fans and TOMS shoes supporters! We are excited to announce that new line of TOMS Campus Classics for 2012! Here is a little history on TOMS ~ TOMS a for-profit company but they are well known for their amazing generosity, as every time someone purchases one of their items, the less fortunate will benefit. The company is most famous for their One for One charity initiative, which involves a less fortunate child to be given another pair of shoes when a customer purchases a pair. This initiative also goes with the sunglasses they retail, but the difference is that once someone purchases a pair, someone who lost their eyesight will be given surgery to restore it. The Campus Classics join the amazing TOMS Fall products that debuted recently! The TOMS 2012 Campus Classics is the latest selection from TOMS, and last year, the company only offered seven styles, while now, there are over 30 different Universities represented!

Are TOMS 2012 Campus Classics Available For Men And Women?
Just like most of the other items that TOMS retail, the shoes in this selection offer shoes both for men and women. The shoes come in the main colors of Schools and Universities, allowing people to wear shoes that represent the Schools colors when they’re outside. All of the shoes that are sold in this collection were made to be the official shoe of each School. They were made to be worn during a game and even on your graduation day, which basically explains the versatile appearance.

What Schools/Universities Are Available?
There are over 33 different Schools and Universities that participated in making their main shoe with TOMS. All of the shoes that can be found were specifically made to fit the schools appearance. With UC Berkeley, the colors of their shoe are blue and yellow, while the University of Wisconsin’s colors are red and white. Now, with TOMS, you can show off to the public how proud you are of your School or University.

Why Men And Women Should Buy These College Classics
The main reason why every college football fan should purchase a pair of these shoes is the fact that they are highly comfortable. They are perfect to wear on game day so, regardless of how long you wear them, you will not feel any discomfort upon your feet whatsoever. Something I always look for in a good Gameday shoe is that they highly durable. TOMS is well known for placing amazing durability on all their products, so if there is anything you should expect from a pair of their shoes, is that they can stand up to the wear and tear you will put them through. When you’re in College, and especially on gameday you don’t want to worry about changing you want to worry about tailgating and the big game! These TOMS Shoes will get you through the day and into the evening celebration party!

What Do The TOMS 2012 Campus Classics Shoes Look Like?
The shoes in this collection have the same design as the rest of TOMS’ shoes. All of the shoes sold in this collection have the traditional alpargata style and were made with the same features as the rest of the shoes they retail. The shoes sold in this collection offer a Canvas upper section with the TOMS elastic V and toe-stitch to make it easy to put on and take off. The shoes in this collection also offers the classic suede insoles which will add more cushion which make it perfect for wearing all day.

How Much Are The Shoes In The TOMS 2012 Campus Classics Collection?
All of the shoes in this collection cost $48 which is highly affordable, as the benefits it offers are simply outstanding. Supporting your School/University is really cost effective, and on top of that, the shoes are highly comfortable and stylish. Many times throughout the year TOMS offers a promo code that offers you a discount off their products so make sure to stop by and check!

If you want to support your School or University even after your graduation, then you must consider to purchase a pair of your Schools main shoes from TOMS. For just $48, you can be able to flaunt your Schools’ main colors simply wherever you go.

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  1. Lucy Black says:

    I love the purple/yellow ones!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I love toms!

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