Things to Buy on Sale in May

| April 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

matress, party supplies, foodLast year, we talked about some of the best things to buy on sale in May. Most of these ideas, from mattresses to party supplies, to kitchen appliances, cookware and more, will be great deals again this year. May is the beginning of the unofficial “summer” season, and you’ll soon be able to start taking advantage of outdoor items. Also, Memorial Day falls later this month, which will allow you to save big on all sorts of items! Here are some more tips on saving money this May:

  • Quick Recap from last year….
    Kitchen Items lots of new models and lines are released during the summer so you can find good deals on cookware, appliances
    Party Supplies – Decorations, tablecloths, disposable tableware… its’ all on sale this month
    Mattresses – best deals are around Memorial Day Weekend
  • Wait a little while before buying outdoor equipment. If you need new hiking or camping gear, or if you’re looking for a new grill, you might want to wait until the end of May, or even early June. The big demand for these types of products at this time of year can keep prices from falling too quickly, but once the rush dies down, the prices will fall even more. If you can’t wait, you’ll still likely get a good deal, but holding off might work out better.

  • Take advantage of the nicer weather by saving money at the gym. That’s right, New Year’s resolutions are long past (and probably forgotten by most), and the weather is nice enough for people to start exercising outside, so gym memberships are less likely to be purchased or renewed right now. Use that fact to your benefit and go in and ask for a deal if you’re planning on buying a membership. You might be more likely now to get one than at other parts of the year.

  • Start thinking about home office furniture. This type of merchandise often goes on sale after Memorial Day. If you see a great buy, snap it up, but if prices seem like they’re languishing, they probably are. Chances are that they’ll go on sale next month. If you’re in the market for a desk, office chair or other office furniture, then give it a few more weeks before shopping in earnest.

  • Keep your eyes open for summertime produce starting to hit the grocery store coolers at low prices! Cherries often begin to go on sale after Memorial Day, as will corn on the cob and other seasonal favorites.


Have you found any great deals coming up in May? If you do, share them with our readers!

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