Raincoat-Buying Tips

| March 22, 2013 | 2 Comments

father and son in the rainYou know the saying: April showers bring May flowers. Spring is officially here, and depending on where in the country you live, you might be dealing with rain now. The good news is that the weather is warming up, so if you’re still wearing your winter coat, you won’t be soon enough! That can make it hard to decide what type of outerwear is appropriate on any given day, though. Here are some tips to consider when choosing outerwear for you and for your kids this spring:

  • Dress in layers. Particularly for the kids, who may be standing at the bus stop in chilly early morning temperatures, but then will have recess in the afternoon when the sun is warm. Encourage them to wear a short-sleeve shirt with a sweater or sweatshirt, then zip up a windbreaker to protect against strong breezes and light rain. The good thing about a windbreaker is that it will fold up easily to fit in a backpack if it’s too warm to be worn in the afternoon.
  • Consider fleece. This is a great option for preteens and teenagers who are too cool to wear a regular jacket. Fleece is snuggly and warm, and it will dry quickly if it gets wet on the way to school.
  • Try on raincoats. Younger kids in particular may like brightly colored raincoats, complete with matching hats and rain boots! These are adorable and are definitely a spot of bright color on a gloomy day. Of course, moms also may like raincoats. Maybe you and your daughter can get matching jackets for some rainy day fun!
  • Keep your body type in mind when choosing a spring jacket for yourself. For example, if you’re petite, a knee-length jacket is often best, as anything longer will make you look even shorter. If you’re on the curvy side, a longer jacket with a belt can make you look slimmer, and if you have an athletic body type, then a shorter jacket can make the most of the curves that you do have.

Of course, a discussion of spring jackets wouldn’t be complete without mentioning rain boots! You can buy really cute boots in all types of patterns and colors in stores like Walmart and Target right now. And they tend to cost under $30 or so, so you might even decide to splurge and buy more than one pair! These can look cute with a dress or jeans, and don’t necessarily have to match your coat; if you choose a jacket in a neutral shade, don’t be afraid to liven up your ensemble by adding a pair of rubber boots with ladybugs or stripes on them! (Of course, don’t forget your real shoes… you probably won’t want to wear your rain boots all day long, particularly if you work in an office!)

Did you buy a new spring jacket for yourself or your kids? What type is it?

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  1. Paula V says:

    Raincoats are a life saver. Nothing like them to keep dry.

  2. MADDIE K says:

    I remember my first raincoat was a yellow rubber slicker.

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