TOMS Shoes Reviews

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TOMS Shoes Review

All of us at Shopaholic Mommy love TOMS Shoes and what they stand for. It is about time that we write a TOMS Shoe Review and let others know how we feel about TOMS Shoes. TOMS Shoes is a very special company because of their One for One model of business. The premise behind the TOMS Shoes is simple: An everyday choice such as buying a pair of shoes can lead to something significant, something meaningful that can make a difference in someone’s life. “One for One” is the model used since the company’s inception in 2006, when owner Blake Mycoskie realized on one of his many travels that thousands of children in South America were lacking the basic necessity of shoes. He set out to make a difference and the rest is history. His “One for One” campaign has led to the donation of more than one million new shoes throughout the world.

The big thing everyone that does not own a pair of TOMS want to know is how comfortable are they? I can truthfully say that TOMS are the first pair of canvas shoes that I have every owned. I was worried about how durable they would be and how to clean them. I really have been so pleased with my TOMS purchases that we have gotten the whole family involved! We have ordered a pair of their choice for each member of the family! It really has been great because each one of us has ordered a different style and we have many different TOMS Shoes reviews to offer you.

TOMS Shoes Reviews for the following products

  • TOMS Shoes Review: Men’s Cordones Toms Natural Rope Sole
  • TOMS Shoes Review: Women’s Cordones Toms Charcoal Chambray
  • TOMS Shoes Review: Toms Women’s Canvas Classics
  • TOMS Shoes Review: TOMS Wedges for Women
  • TOMS Shoes Review: Tiny TOMS Sparkles
  • TOMS Shoes Review: TOMS Youth Sparkles
  • TOMS Shoes Review: TOMS Botas for Men



TOMS Shoes full line………..
If you are interested in seeing all the TOMS Shoes that are available at this time visit our individual TOMS Shoes pages where we spotlight each type of TOMS Shoes independently.

  • Canvas Classics
  • Wedges
  • Toms Cordones
  • Botas
  • Stitchouts
  • Vegan Classics
  • Women’s Wrap Boot
  • Artists
  • Apparel
  • Gift Cards
  • Toms Shoes Summer Collection
  • Shop for shoes at TOMS!

Thank you for reading our TOMS Shoes Review and remember that sometimes there are Coupons available on TOMS Shoes. Check our TOMS Coupons to see what value added offers there are. We all love to save money and coupons do just that! Now you have found yourself an excellent shoe at an unbeatable price Toms Shoes! How could that get any better? Toms Shoes will automatically donate one pair of shoes to needy children for every pair of TOMS shoes they sell. That’s right, Toms One for One program donates a pair of shoes to needy children for every pair they sell. Join the One for One Movement and lean about TOMS ! And don’t forget to visit the TOMS Shoes Summer Collection!

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  1. Paula K. Woods says:

    Hello all you shoe buyers out there! I can’t comment as to the virtues of Tom’s shoes; I am a single mother with a daughter and we are both in college. However: four fraudulent charges to were placed on my credit card in July. Two were declined; two went through. I have made two phone calls to to get the charges reversed, and have been refused both times. There is a procedure through the credit card company, but there is a 14-day delay and the bank is charged for the process. This is a company that prides itself on social responsibility, and rightly so. This is an excellent opportunity to show the world that you don’t have to buy a pair of shoes to be treated fairly, in the same way all of us want to be treated.

  2. Corrie says:

    Dear Paula,
    It is never standard procedure for a retailer to reverse alleged fraudulent charges of a customer. You should always go directly to the credit card company to dispute a charge…that is the benefit of paying with a credit card. If it is a reputable credit card company, they will credit your account (called a “chargeback”) immediately and contact you if they need any more information during their investigation. I have had to do this a few times in my day and it has never been a problem. But TOMS should not be blamed.

  3. Joanna Fritz says:

    My daughter just recently bought a pair of TOMS online with her debit card. She is a nursing student and doesn’t have much money in her checking account, so she pays close attention to what she is spending. She got an overdraft notice from the bank after purchasing her TOMS shoes. After researching the charges, she found out that they ran her card twice! It makes you wonder if this is how they pay for all the “one for one” shoes. The bank did end up dropping the charge, but she still had the overdraft.

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