Things to Do on Easter

| April 3, 2015 | 3 Comments

139498895Happy Easter! Did the children wake you up early this morning so that they could open their Easter baskets and go on an egg hunt? Or maybe you were up even earlier so that you could attend a sunrise service at your church. Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious observance or a secular celebration, this spring holiday often begins with an early wake-up call.

Since most of us will be home with our families today, it’s a great day to plan a fun, family-centered afternoon. Some of us will have extended family members visiting, which can be great fun with extra cousins and aunts and uncles around. Others will spend the afternoon simply resting and enjoying our immediate families. Here are some ideas for fun Easter afternoon activities:

  • Step outside. In many areas of the country, the weather is warming up and outdoor pursuits will begin again, if they haven’t already. Did the kids get any bubbles or sidewalk chalk or jump ropes in their baskets this morning? If so, go outside and use them, assuming there’s not snow on the ground. You could also go for a bike ride or even wash the car with the hose, if it’s warm enough. Some families like to go to the park on Easter Sunday; it might be a great day to fly a kite!
  • Volunteer.  Many churches and homeless coalitions will be serving an Easter dinner to those less fortunate this afternoon. If you enjoyed a big brunch or if you are having your Easter dinner later on this evening, consider volunteering to serve or help clean up. Even if you haven’t already signed up, try giving a call to ask if you can help; chances are you won’t be turned away!
  • Play games. So many times, our weekends are full of home improvement projects and running errands. Since most stores will be closed today, it might be a great time to simply stay home and chill out. Play Monopoly or one of the other games that the kids always want to play but that seem to take forever. Or maybe your kids have been pestering you to learn how to play MineCraft; let them show you how to play their favorite video or computer games.
  • Take a nap. If you have little ones who nap anyway, this afternoon might be a great opportunity to catch up on some shut-eye yourself. Even if the kids are bigger, try putting on a movie and encouraging everyone to lay down quietly… with any luck they’ll fall asleep, or at least will be quiet enough for you to sneak in a few winks!

ShopaholicMommy hopes that you have a happy Easter, and that you’re enjoying a restful weekend! Let us know how you spent the day!

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  1. MADDIE K says:

    No kids here right now, not until I am a grandmom I guess, but I did have Easter dinner with the family yesterday. It seemed better and more convienent for everyone. I made little Easter “bags” for everyone as a table favor!

  2. Paula V says:

    Yesterday was definitely a play games indoor or take a nap kind of day in my parts. Cloudy, wet, rainy.

  3. Debra C says:

    We had a rainy Easter. A good day to rest.

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