What’s new with Toms Shoes? Toms shoes spring collection

| March 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

TOMS shoes are your dream shoe in every aspect. They have an echo styling that is so friendly to the feet. Many people like to buy shoes for the styling and others for functionality. The good news is that your needs for a good pair of shoes will be well answered at TOMS. And did you know that you can find Toms Coupons and Toms Shoes Coupon Codes online !

For the TOMS Spring 2012 line TOMS Ballet Flat Shoes will be available! Yeap, you heard it right TOMS is not just canvas shoes anymore! TOMS Ballet Flats will be available in many fabrics, styles and patterns! So many new items have been added to TOMS Clothing –  including jewelry, hats and sweatshirts. TOMS Shoe Drop Necklace is the perfect compliment to any outfit and when everybody asks you what it is you can tell them and hopefully get them to back Toms Shoes also !

Another favorite of mine is the Feels good, does good: Womens One for One – White t-shirt and it also comes in heather grey. And since its still cool in the spring my favorite hoodie to keep in the car is TOMS Classic Hoodie – its the perfect light cover up to keep with you always.

The TOMS Shoes spring collection of 2011 was inspired by the youngest photojournalist to ever work for Reuters, Dan Eldon. Through his photo-lens Eldon captured the disparities and suffering of Somalia that inspired an avalanche of aid to the impoverished country. And last year TOMS Campus Club began with a group of five friends eager to be a part of TOMS story. They stirred up hearts and Souls on the Lynn University campus by removing their shoes for a One Day Without Shoes event. The self-titled One for One Movement has sparked interest throughout the campus and now they are an officially registered Campus Club.

Toms Shoes have a comfortable and casual styles make them a must have for anyone, people of all ages and all sizes. But don’t forget to check out our TOMS Shoes Sale page so you can save $5 off your total !

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  1. Laurie H. says:

    I’m doing a class project about TOMS shoes, I just wanted to know how you personally like them?

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