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Toms Shoes Summer Collection Clothing line for Men, Women, Kids was a huge success! We were excited when the new TOMS Shoes Summer Collection of shoes came out but now we have clothes to go with it! Here is a quick run down for you of all the new amazing styles. There is nothing better than a new pair of TOMS Shoe for enjoying the Summer Fun – TOMS rocks!
TOMS really stepped things up a notch for the Summer season. There were many TOMS never-before-seen styles, patterns, and colors from $22! New to the TOMS Clothing collection was clothing for kids. TINY Toms Babies and Toddlers can now have a One for One Onesie to crawl around in! We were excited and surprised to see how many styles TOMS add for the TOMS Shoes Summer Collection. TOMS really has their pulse on what consumers want and they listen to all the suggestions people give. Not just that remember TOMS is not just a shoe company but a ONE for One Company. For every pair of TOMS shoes you purchase, a pair is given to a child in need.

For a full run down of all the amazing TOMS Shoes Summer choices you visit our special Summer collection sections! We break down every new TOMS Shoe available and what is unique about each one.

  • Toms Shoes Summer Collection for Women
  • Toms Shoes Summer Collection for Men
  • Toms Shoes Summer Collection for Tiny Toms and Youth Styles

Here is just a little taste of what you will find on these TOMS special summer collection pages!

TOMS Shoes for Women Summer Collection…….

  • Pink and Blue Leopard Vegan Classics amazing new print sure to please the crowd.
  • Sunset Womens Classic features an image from Dan Eldon’s journal – amazing color patterns
  • Neon Green Crochet Women’s Classics breezy Crochet Classics sure to become a hit!
  • New Colors for TOMS Women’s Classics: Bottle Green, Coral and a Soft Pink perfect for your summer dress
  • Brown Stripe and Grey Striped Rope Sole Women’s Classics: perfect for boating
  • Red Bimini Women’s Stitchouts: New for Women – sure to be my new boat shoes!
  • Finally Black Canvas Women’s Cordones: The TOMS color we have been waiting for!
  • Women’s Wedges – five new colors and styles to add to your TOMS Wedges collection including Coral Canvas, Yellow Nautical Stripe, Ash Canvas and Linen Pinstripe
  • Two new botas colors – Linen Pinstripe Women’s Botas and Sand Suede Women’s Botas
  • TOMS Shoes – Shop Women

TOMS Shoes for Men Summer Collection…….

  • Grey and Brown Stripe Rope Sole Men’s Classics
  • TOMS Sunset Men’s Vegan Classics features an image from Dan Eldon’s journal
  • Gabriel Lacktman Safari Stencil Men’s Classics: Hand painted by artist Gabriel Lacktman
  • Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Black Men’s Classics: Back with a new safari-inspired
  • Navy Bimini Men’s Stitchouts: very nautical
  • New Color for Cordones – Rust Hemp Men’s Cordones: Bold
  • Charcoal Chambray Men’s Botas: Sleek, very nice look with jeans
  • TOMS Shoes – Shop Men’s

Shop TOMS Womens Apparel…..

TOMS for Women has added all new Summer Tees. Remember that with every shirt you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One™. TOMS Womens T-shirts from $28.

  • TOMS Women’s Heather Grey Stamp Tee
  • TOMS Womens Coral Stamp Tee
  • TOMS Women’s Summer Sky Tee
  • TOMS Women’s Village Tee
  • Women’s Landscape White Tee
  • Women’s Collage White V-Neck Tee
  • TOMS Womens One for One Tee in Grey and White

Shop TOMS Mens Apparel…….
Summer Clothing for Men
TOMS for Men has added all new bold Summer Tees. I can’t wait to order my husband a few of these to remind us of how much we love TOMS! Remember that with every shirt you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One™. TOMS Mens T-shirts from $28.

  • TOMS Men’s Landscape Colors Tee
  • Men’s Snapshots White Tee
  • Men’s Summer Sky Tee
  • Men’s Heather Grey Stamp Tee and in Charcoal
  • Giving Window Tee in Black and Blue
  • TOMS Thanks You Tee in Charcoal
  • TOMS One Day Billboard
  • Footprint Tee in Black and also in Blue

Shop TOMS Clothing for both Men and Women – Unisex fashions………
TOM has added Tank Tops to the Summer Line up! Tank tops from $24.

  • Unisex Landscape Tank Top
  • Unisex Grey Stamp Tank
  • TOMS Classic Black Cap
  • TOMS Classic Hoddie in Grey
  • TOMS Stamp Tee in Grey

Shop TOMS Clothing for Kids and Youth sizes…..

TOMS Clothing for Kids is finally here! My kids have been asking me why TOMS did not carry kids clothing and now the wait is over! Like the rest of the TOMS Summer Road Trip collection there are very bright and summery colors for the kids like canary yellow and pink. And don’t forget to tell your kids that with every shirt you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One™. Kids T-shirts from $22.

  • Youth Canary Yellow Stamp Tee
  • Youth Pink Stamp Tee
  • Youth Smiles Tee comes in White and Pink
  • Youth Village Tee comes in White, Pink and Blue


Shop TOMS Clothing for TINY Toms Fans – Baby and Toddler Clothing…..

TOMS Clothing for TINY Toms is finally here! Introduce the next generation to TOMS! Perfect additions to your babies clothing. TOMS offers bright and summery colors for the Tiny TOMS like light blue, canary yellow and pink. By far my favorite new addition to the TOMS Summer Road Trip Clothing Collection are the Onesies! TOMS Tiny Onesies come in Pink and Blue – so adorable. Set a good example and know that with every shirt you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One™. TOMS Baby clothing from $20.

  • Tiny TOMS Canary Stamp Tee
  • Tiny Toms Pink Stamp Tee
  • Tiny Smiles Tee comes in Pink and Blue
  • Tiny Village Tee comes in Pink, Blue and White
  • Tiny TOMS Pink Onesie
  • Tony TOMS Blue Onesie

There you have it – Toms Clothing Summer Collection – Summer Road Trip ! Get your TOMS Coupons and save off your TOMS Shoes purchase. We have found the TOMS Coupon Code and give you TOMS Specials offers. Get a great new pair of shoes and at the same time give a child in need a pair of shoes. TOMS summer clothing collection has something for the whole family. Now’s your chance to help make a difference in the world and purchase your very own pair of TOMS Shoes or TOMS Sunglasses.

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