Stress and Obesity

| May 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Which do you think is worse on your body being Obese or being Stressed? The truth is that both are awful and are hazardous to our health. If you ever wondered just how bad stress is for you here it goes.

STRESS: At times we put our body is under stress. When we do this a higher level of adrenalin is released to assist our body with coping with the stressful situation. At this point the adrenal glands produce more adrenalin causing your metabolism to go up as well. This is done to prepare your body for stress. Cortisol is known as ‘the stress hormone’ it is released into you body by the adrenal glands when it is under stress.

Did you know that stress can raise your body’s bad cholesterol and blood pressure? We also know the health risk associated with these to things.

Things get dangerous when a person whom is already in risk because of their weight, now starts stressing about this or that causing their blood pressure and hormone production to increase. When a person already has high blood pressure they can be know to having short tolerances and minor stress can only magnify the problem

So here is what we suggest. Take a moment and ask your self. Is that I am stressing about worth risking my health for? Most likely its not. So try to find another way to cope with the situation.

OBESITY: Many people today have had to fight with their weight. Whether were talking about 10lbs or 300lbs the issues are the same. Cravings, commitment, exercise and money are things that make it hard to stay on our diet.

We have heard it all, from South Beach Diets to Zone Diets and from this pill to that pill. But we all still struggle to diet or get healthy. Why? Well I sure don’t have the answer to that. But I think it goes much deeper than all the diets that around us. Most people never learn about food. One of the worst things that we have been taught in the last 50 years or so is that fat is bad. Fat is actually good for us. The problem is that the food that has the fast we like come in the form of french fries when we should be eating avocados or almonds.

Over the next few weeks I am going to do some research on food and diets. I just picked up a book called Eating Alive and will be reading that and looking for a weight loss solution.

In the mean time I am going to test out Diet To Go and see if their program makes sense. If you want to try the program as I am doing it please use one of our Diet To Go Coupons to save you a few bucks.

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