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| March 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

Have you ever heard of My Chore Chart? It is a free online chore chart for kids that has a reward store built into it that operates through amazon. We all struggle to get kids to help around the house. They seem to take for granted that everything is just done for them. Once they are old enough it is important that they become a contributing member of the family. Giving the kids chores helps them develop a work ethic and if they receive an allowance it helps they learn the value of a dollar. We would all love it if the kids could just learn to do what is expected of them – and now My Chore Chart can help get you on the right track.

Combining fundamental principles from leading child psychologists and cutting edge technology, MyJobChart is the way for your child to learn to save.
Visit for more information and to sign up for your free account.

Why We Created My Job Chart from Gregg Murset on Vimeo.

Together, the kids and I set up our family account, created profiles and began building a personal chore and reward chart for each one of them. You can customize everything for each family member. It was funny to sit and choose the specific chores the specific chores each one was willing to do, as well as the prizes and rewards that they wanted. They both seemed really excited to be using this and I am excited to see if My Job Chart helps get them on track! is FREE and quick and easy to set up. Give it a try – don’t miss this!

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