How to find the best BBQ

| May 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

In the past, the BBQ grill was more of a “man thing,” but now woman are often the ones using the grill for healthier and quicker cooking for their families.  If you are in the market for a new BBQ grill, you’ll want to buy the June edition of Consumer Reports. Testers spent almost 600 hours cooking steaks and chickens on different grills.  The full published report reviews 65 gas grill models to help you choose the best grill for your budget.

However, Consumer Reports suggests you don’t just shop by price.  Unsold grills from the previous year might look like a good deal, however check the ratings first so you are not disappointed. Also don’t assume that name brand grills are always the best. For example, some Weber models rated well, but others did not.  A few Char-Broil grills made the list, but several got some of the lowest scores on the list.

Here are some other tips for selected the right BBQ.

1.  When shopping compare the size of the cooking surface.  Sometimes a larger grill has wasted space, and if you are planning on grilling often for family gathering, you want to make sure and have a large cooking area.

2.  Try to purchase from a store that offers free assembly – it will save you hours, but make sure you have a vehicle large enough to transport the grill once it is built.

3.  Don’t buy by Btu. According to Consumer Reports’ tests, more Btu/hr. doesn’t guarantee faster preheating or better searing and cooking.

4.  An electronic igniter is easier than a push button.

5.  Stainless-steel or coated cast-iron grates tend to sear well and keep grilling temperatures more consistent.

6.  Check the grills grades of stainless on the exterior – higher grades like 300+ series stainless will not rust as much.

7.  If you have small children, really take a look at the exterior of the grill.  Are there any sharp edges or corners?

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