July 13th is Cow Appreciation Day!

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A CowOne of my family’s favorite places to eat is Chick-Fil-A. Since we’re originally from the northeast, where Chick-Fil-As aren’t as common, we weren’t familiar with the chain when we moved to the South. I see that there are a few scattered around in Massachusetts, New York and New Hampshire, though, so if you’re from New England, you may be able to find one nearby or on your next road trip. This would be especially great if you could manage to visit on July 13, which is Cow Appreciation Day!

Why does Chick-Fil-A, a chicken restaurant, have a cow as a mascot? According to the restaurant’s website, in 1995, a cow took a paintbrush in his mouth and wrote “Eat Mor Chiken,” because he realized that if people ate more chicken, they’d eat fewer cows. Chick-Fil-A wants to thank that renegade bovine, and has instituted a holiday meant to honor the cud-chewing creature.

If you have a Chick-Fil-A nearby, you can participate. If you wear a partial cow costume (a hat or a cow-print purse, for example), you’ll get a free entree (i.e. a chicken sandwich or chicken strips). If you dress yourself and/or your kids from head to toe in cow attire, you’ll get a free meal, which includes an entree, fries and a drink! Designing a costume and showing up for your free lunch or dinner is a fun way to spend a Friday the 13th this July!

Over the years, my family has participated in this event a few times, and I’ve seen some pretty creative costumes. Here are a few simple ways that you could design a cow costume if you’re short on time and/or money:

  • Download a free cow costume starter kit on the Chick-Fil-A website; this will give you ears, a snout and a tail.
  • Wear a white t-shirt and white shorts or sweatpants. Cut “spots” out of black construction paper or felt and tape to the clothes.
  • If you don’t mind sacrificing your shirt and shorts to the cause and want a more durable cow costume, draw the spots with permanent marker or use a hot glue gun to attach the spots.
  • Wear black sneakers or cover the tops of your shoes with black felt for hooves.

Of course, you could also go all out and make your cow costume with your sewing machine or find some other way to make it something special, to be worn year after year! Whatever you do, make sure you take a photo and enter it in Chick-Fil-A’s Best Cow Costume Contest, where you can win a $100 gift certificate if you have the best costume!

If you or your kids have an interest in cows, you could also take the opportunity to learn more about where your milk comes from, visit a local farm to see the cows or even see if a farmer in your area is willing to let your kids try milking the cows. Learn about what cows eat and what types of products are made from milk, too!

Have a Happy Cow Appreciation day this July 13!

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