Sock Bunny Craft

| April 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

sock bunny craftIts Easter and the kids still have not had craft overload. Luckily for me, grandma has one last idea up her sleeve. Lets make a sock bunny – she says! She then brings this big pile or socks over who have lost their match (most likely because the dryer ate it). So here we go – gather the sock and begin to fill it with some type of dried bean. We used lentils because it is what we had and the black beans showed through the white socks. Make sure to not fill much more than the heel area. She then tied the top of the sock with a rubber band, hair bow or ribbon – make sure it is nice and tight. Now you can start creating the head. We glued on little eyes and a few things from our craft box for the nose you can even use a lentil for the nose. The girls really got creative with it!

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