Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Holiday Tips to Stay Safe

| December 13, 2019 | 62 Comments

Group of friends toastingDecember is bursting with festivities, and with those festivities are often alcoholic beverages. It’s fine for you to have a few drinks, of course, and drinking moderately can help set a good example for your children of appropriate and responsible alcohol usage. Of course, every year we hear of injuries and fatalities caused by drinking while impaired. Children and families have been killed by drunk drivers, which is the ultimate tragedy, particularly during the holiday season.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, has started a campaign called Tie One On For Safety. What this means is that supporters can display a red ribbon on their cars as a pledge to drive safely, responsibly, buckled up, and not under the influence of anything. If you can’t find a MADD affiliate distributing red ribbons locally, you can just put any red ribbon decal on your car, or tie a red ribbon to your side mirror or antenna.

Here are a few other ways that you can help keep everyone safe during the holiday season:

  • If you host a party, don’t let anyone drive home impaired. Stay sober and offer to drive people home yourself if necessary, or spring for a cab or an Uber/Lyft. Even if a friend gets angry with you or accuses you of overreacting, it’s better than knowingly letting someone drive while under the influence of alcohol. You can also always offer someone the use of your spare room or your sofa, or have your kids bunk up together for the night to make room for guests who don’t have a safe ride home.
  • Serve “mocktails” and have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages available for designated drivers and others who don’t want to drink. Also, provide plenty of non-salty snacks so guests won’t be drinking on an empty stomach (avoid salty foods, as they will make your guests thirstier!). And don’t be afraid to shut down the bar a couple of hours before the party is to end; this way, people who have had a couple of drinks will be able to clear most of the alcohol from their systems before leaving.
  • Offer to be the designated driver when attending an office party. Let’s face it: drinking in the presence of your boss might lower your inhibitions and you might say something you regret, so you may be better off abstaining that night anyway! Many offices offer to arrange Ubers for everyone.
  • Talk to your teens about getting into a vehicle with anyone who has been drinking. Teens might feel comfortable refusing to ride with a fellow teen who has had a few beers, but might not feel okay about calling you for a ride when a friend’s mom or dad has been the one imbibing. Let your teen know that you are available to pick him up, no questions asked, and no matter who was supposed to be driving.
  • While out and about, always make sure that you and your children are appropriately restrained. Seatbelts, booster seats and carseats save lives. If you aren’t sure that your child is in the right type of seat or that it’s installed correctly (and 4 out of 5 aren’t!), then stop by your local fire department or police station so a trained professional can check for you.
  • If you see someone swerving around or driving erratically, pull over and call 911. Don’t try to make the phone call while attempting to drive defensively in the vicinity of a possibly impaired driver; it’s not worth the risk!

We at Shopaholic Mommy wish you a safe holiday season!

Comments (62)

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  1. Kathy Idol says:

    There have been so many deaths due to drinking. Wish everyone would really think before they drink & drive. Us as parents like with everything else teaching our children we need to teach them on what drinking can do to them and people around them.

  2. Julie Wood says:

    There is no reason to ever drive drunk. Unfortunately, this is still going on to often! Just the other day in my town, and man was being a good Samaritan and helping someone on the side of the road when a drunk driver plowed him down. So sad for him and his family right before the Holidays! So let us do the moral and ethical thing_DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK!!!

  3. Terri says:

    Great article! Those are some great tips on keeping everyone safe this holiday season!

  4. Karen Glatt says:

    My brother who was only 14 years old was killed by a drunk driver! The drunk driver did not get any jail time! Back when my brother died, laws were lax about doing anything against drunk drivers. I am glad to see that now there are stricter laws to punish these people, I still believe that they should be charged with a higher charge then what they are doing now.

  5. Kathy Smith says:

    When you drink you should never drive! Thanks for the great tips. I hope everyone has safe and happy holiday season.

  6. Holly Trudeau says:

    Thanks for the tips, if we have a party we take everyone’s keys when they get there & only give them back if their sober. If they’re not we call cabs or let them stay in our guest room, you just can’t take chances!

  7. She says:

    Funny, we love them from birth, protect them from harm all thru there lives, teach them right from wrong and when stories like this happen we ask, where did we go wrong. I pray that no mother ever has to experience the loss of a child but when we do it’s the worst imaginable thing ever…We need to take keys and don’t worry about losing that friend because we may lose them if we dont.

  8. Dorothy Boucher says:

    its sad that we have to take a stand because you hear about loved one dying for someone else stupidity… there is so much a could say on this topic but it would just take up your page but use safety first in all you do, do the best you can… Thanks for sharing

  9. deena vanbergen says:

    What a great reminder, especially this time of year. We don’t want any more families losing loved ones. Theres been enough loss this year.

  10. Katherine G says:

    These are some awesome tips!!!

  11. Vanessa D. says:

    Thank you for the info and I am forwarding this on to people I know and love! 🙂

  12. Jennifer Ali says:

    Great tips for those who are planning on drinking this holiday season.Hopefully those people will take these tips seriously. Thanks.

  13. sharon cowles says:

    My kiddos are older now..5 of them..ages 25 to 38… as they were getting older and driving.. I’ve always told them.. Do not get behind the wheel to drive or get in someones car that was impaired..CALL ME… I WILL TAKE YOU HOME…. NO QUESTIONS ASKED….BUT WE WILL DISCUSS IN THE MORNING…I’ve only had to pick up 3 times in all those years… I am so thankful

  14. Lauren Rochon says:

    Thank you for posting on this. Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous and very prevalent, unfortunately.

  15. FRANK S says:

    When you drink you should never drive!

  16. sara m ford says:

    I love this post thank you this is very important and people should know. I would never want to loose my child because of someone drinking and driving and im sure you all feel just as strong about that

  17. Alana Vester says:

    I am against drunk driving and don’t allow anyone around me to do so. My cousin was killed by a drunk driver. I will always be a designated driver.

  18. ANN*H says:

    Thanks for this article with these tips . We need them all over the holidays as there will be more people drinking at parties. No one should drink and drive not matter what. I know a few times I took someones keys so they couldnt drive when they were drunk . Some of them got mad but thats better than being dead or killing someone else while driving. Young teens need to know and see what can happen when they do.

  19. nicole barr says:

    I have known to many people my age die to young from drinking and driving thank you for this post hopefully it will save lives this holiday season

  20. Anika Hughes says:

    These are great tips. Some people tend to let the alcohol control them and so someone with them needs to be responsible.

  21. Nena Sinclair says:

    This is great info, especially at this time of year. Way too many people are killed by drunk drivers (or kill themselves) every year, needlessly!

  22. Sara Weekley says:

    Thank you for this post of wonderful information. I will be sending this post out to my friends and family. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  23. Tina Kohrman says:

    Thanks for the information. All people should follow this post. I am going to share this on Facebook, Twitter and everyother site that I can think of. There are way too many deaths dealing with drunk driving that can be easily avoided by just not drinking and driving. So thanks again for the information.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family. I hope you have a healthy and safe holiday.

  24. Becky Kuntz says:

    Thanks for posting these tips. Many people just don’t think about this enough. They even feel as if they can “handle” their alcohol and would be offended if you try to help them. However, after reading this article they may just think twice about risking their loved ones lives as well as their own. Thanks for posting this… You might just save some lives this holiday season!

  25. Allyson Tice says:

    Theere is always a way to get home without having to drive! call a cab! call a friend! walk if you have to! jsut DONT get into a car if you have been drinking! its NOT worth it. People think it wont happen to them but it does way to often.. i dont want another fmaily to go thru a holiday losing a loveed one.think!!!!!

  26. krystel says:

    Great holiday tips

  27. Gloria Walshver says:

    Please do not drink and drive during the holidays,You don’t want your mother to be devastated during the holidays with your injuries or worse.

  28. cathy henatyszen says:

    Thanks for posting this message!!!


  29. Alex says:

    perfect timing before new years. Don’t drink and drive!

  30. Nicole Becker says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and PLEASE dont drink and drive or you will suffer consequences!!!

  31. Devin Stabryla says:

    These are great tips! Be safe everyone!

  32. cheryl dangelo says:

    I was hit by a drunk driver and it totally ruined my life for a long time. He was only a .08 but I had to have nearly my entire body rebuilt with metal. Even a few drinks can make you illegal to are a death weapon in an altered state

  33. Toni says:

    Thanks for the tips

  34. Donna Collins says:

    I lost my husband in 1996 leaving me with 7 kids, 4 of them were still at home. He was only 35 years old. The guy received 17 1/2 years, he was released on 12/12/12. I have not had the heart to tell my boys. MADD has always been a big part of our lives

  35. Amy Green says:

    I wish that people at every age would be more responsible regarding alcohol, and that there would not be so much of an importance placed on its seeming requiredness.

  36. June Isbel says:

    Put God in the car! Dont Drink and Drive. This is so very important! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Holidays,

  37. Bill Elliott says:

    Thank you for the the great post, I think this is something every parent should read during the holidays

  38. Chrystal D says:

    Good tips for anyone! PLEASE don’t let anyone drive after they have had even 1 drink.

  39. Connie Baker says:

    Everyone have a Safe Holiday Season!
    Dont Drink & Drive!!!

  40. great ideas for safe partying. Don’t drink & drive!

  41. As a parent, one of my greatest fears is that my children will be involved in a drunk driving accident. I won’t touch a steering wheel after a tiny sip of wine. It’s just not worth it to me.

  42. Christine Herbert says:

    Please everyone don’t drink & drive! Don’t allow others friends or strangers to drink & drive. I lost my beautiful daughter at the young age of 26 due to her drinking and driving. My heart aches everyday ,her son, now seven was only three when he lost his . I was not around whe n she decided to get behind the wheel, she hadn’t really had that much to drink n but, she was driving on unfamiliar roads and wasn’t aware of the dangerous sharp curve ahead. She missed the curve and rammed headon into a tree! Would she had still wrecked if she didn’t even have one drink? We will never know. Please do not DRINK AND DRIVE!

  43. Leona says:

    When I was a kid (I am 74) I was told not to drink and drive. Rule still applies. Good article.

  44. Rosie says:

    I try to be a tee-totaler. The only time I’ll have anything is a smidgeon of wine at a holiday dinner. Teens don’t get the message if they see you drinking, they don’t have the judgment. Or even ppl who drink too much, they justify their habit at the behavior of others.

  45. lindsey m says:

    it’s too bad more people don’t heed this advice. I only drink at home when I or my family members are not going to be driving. It is a good point, though, to watch out for your friends and family who might be driving. When they/you’ve been drinking, your reasoning is obscured and you don’t think about the consequences of your actions at the time. 🙁

  46. Theresa Reed says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. To many people do drink and drive at this time of year. Hopefully everyone will take your advice.

  47. sandra davis says:

    ty for sharing these tips. there are so many accidents involving alcohol especially during the holdays. alot of innocent lives are lost or changed forever.

  48. Andy Grice says:

    I hope everyone a peaceful Christmas and no dds out there to mess this season up.

  49. Gloria Walshver says:

    Please do not drink and drive during the holidays you will endanger your life or someone elses.

  50. CA Scott says:

    Just wish people would stop and the police would do more roadblocks like they used to.

  51. Cheryl Bielich says:

    Lost a family member to drinking and driving. and have seen way too many lives ripped apart from this. we need to help these people not just put them in jail. its an illness….

  52. Letessha says:

    This is very good and informative information. There are too many people dying due to careless drunk drivers.

  53. Debra Givens Wagner says:

    I had a sister that died as a result of drunk driving accident! It was so traumatic and she left behind two children! That was 20 years ago and it is still heart wrenching. I miss her terribly.

  54. Amanda says:

    My 25 year old sister Leslie Byrd was killed by a drunk driver when he swerved into the wrong lane & hit her head-on. Sh was also 6 months pregnant with my little angel nephew, Shelby. She left behind a beautiful & bright 7 year old daughter. They mean the world to me & I miss my sister so much. I never imagined this subject would hit me so very close to my own heart. The wreck happened on October 1, 2012. It is still a long road ahead with grieving & with court dates & everything else.

    I really want to beg all of you to PLEASE be safe this New Year’s Eve. If you drink don’t drive. If you don’t drink, then drive someone who does.

  55. sherry b says:

    Thanks for the info on the red ribbon. I have not heard that on even with all the reports about crackdowns on DUI’s. TFS.

  56. Jennifer Jordan says:

    Thanks for such a great post. I do not drive even if I have one drop of alcohol. Alcohol can be dangerous! The police in my area are cracking down on drunk drivers. I don’t think people take it seriously enough.

  57. Nora Grahe says:

    Having you start this month off with the drinking and driving help and support is absolutely Fantastic! I have lost love ones to this tragedy and it is preventable especially with MADD and people like YOU! Thank You for taking the time and the effort to do all you have! If you can save just one life, then anything is worth it and just knowing you very well have, God Bless You!

  58. Juan Sanchez says:

    Thanks for posting this! Everybody be safe please 🙂

  59. Savannah Harrop says:

    Great post! Everyone who drinks should have a sober driver at all times!!!

  60. Liza says:

    Almost lost a cousin because of drunk driving. Glad she recovered and learned her lesson.

  61. Stephanie Larison says:

    I hope everyone stays safe, I’m glad I’m staying home tonight. There’s so many dangers tonight!

  62. Minta says:

    Awesome post..staying home tonight and celebrating with the family. The kids have sparkling juice. I lost a cousin who was on her way home and got hit by a drunk driver and was killed instantly.

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