New Car in this Economy?

| June 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

Today, I took my car in for service and came home with a new car! Yeah I know not the usual service appointment but, in the words of the godfather they made me a offer I couldn’t refuse. My car was just about towards the end of the warranty and all of a sudden started having issues with the steering and a host of other things. So, my husband dropped the car off and calls me a couple hours later with a deal on a new car. Now, I am pretty sure that this is a sign of the horrible economy we are living through but, somehow I was able to leave with a new car, new warranty, and lower my payments. I was not looking to get a new car in the near future but how can you turn down a deal that saves you money? So, if you are getting towards the end of your car’ warranty maybe now would be a good time to trade it in and see what kind of deals are available. After all, it could save you money that your family can use for other things! We are living in a world were Coupons and special offers are part of our everyday life. There are hidden deals all around us!

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