Tips for Saving Money on Gas

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The increase in gas prices seems like it will be around for quite a while. So how can you prepare yourself and your families budget for the months to come? The national average for a regular tank of gas has hit an all-time record and prices are going up daily. With the way prices are soaring, don’t wait till your tank is running on empty.

Find the Cheapest Gas Near you before you leave

I don’t leave home without checking GasBuddy. Other popular free apps such as Gas Guru and Waze offer current gas prices. Avoid getting gas right off the highway. Instead, go more towards the middle of the city and with the guidance of a free gas app, you can find the best prices around you.

Check for Fuel Reward Clubs and Wholesale club stores

Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s are wholesale clubs and many offer discounted gas prices. They recently built a Costco gas station close to us and it has allowed us to save on our gas. It definitely is not the closest gas station to us, but we plan our errands and make sure we get everything done on that end of town while we fill up our gas tank. Some grocery stores such as Walmart, Safeway, and Kroger offer fuel rewards clubs that you can join and even some gas stations offer these programs.

Take advantage of cash payment

Make sure to check the price at the pump and see if it says cash price versus credit. I was at a gas station the other day and the cash price was 5 cents cheaper than the credit price. Many gas stations are offering Loyalty programs.

Decrease Extra Weight

Start with your truck… I like to keep all the soccer and lacrosse equiptment in my trunk for convience but this is not the time for that. Its time to decrease the cargo in the car. Extra weight will make you burn more gas.

Check your Credit Card to see if you can get points

Many credit cards of jumping on board and some may offer deals on gas purchases. In addition, some offer you double points or cashback, so it is worth checking into it.

Best Day of the Week to fill up

Fill up earlier in the week, so Monday tends to be the best day of the week to buy gas. Thursday is traditionally the worst and priciest day to fill up. Also, drive in the cooler parts of the day.

How to get more mileage out of your gas

Be conscious of the way you drive. What does that mean? First and foremost, SLOW DOWN! Try to accelerate gradually and anticipate stops when approaching a red light. Also, you can save quite a bit of gas by reducing your speed on the interstate. Use your cruise control more because maintaining a constant speed helps cut down on gas usage.

Another way to save your gas is to avoid leaving the car idling. Many of us are stuck waiting in a carline to pick up our kids; think about turning off your engine if it is going to take more than a few minutes.

Last but not least, keep your windows closed.

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Are there any tips we missed? Please let us know some of how you are saving money on gas.

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