How to clean off Lovebugs

| April 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

This past weekend we went for a little road trip in the Southeastern US and suddenly drove into a cloud of lovebugs. I had to find out more about these bugs and I discovered that they are most popular from the late spring and then regroup again in late summer. It is important to note that they do not bite or sting you they just tend to fly around with no where to go. I also learned that they tend to hang around highways in large groups which is why it had seemed like we hit a cloud of bugs. Now I must warn you if you attempt to turn your windshield wipers on to clear the bugs you will just smear them around (its gross).

Ok, so once we returned home my car is now covered in these bugs. Its not just my windshield now but the side mirrors, the front grill and even the top part of my roof. How am I going to clean these off? I found a few tips online that really helped. The first tip I wish I would of read before leaving is – to add Rain-X on the windows before you leave. Rain-x leave an oily film on the windows the usually helps with rain drops but in this case will not make as big of a bug mess if it is applied first. This second tip I did try and it did work well. Use a dryer sheet to rub off the bugs – I was skeptical at first and I must admit it did get the bugs off but it took a lot of scrubbing and too many dryer sheets. The last tip was to use warm water with dish soap or baby soap and scrub scrub scrub. Just remember the longer you leave them on after your trip the more the sun will just cook them in! Hope this helps!

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