Help with Spelling Advice from a Teacher

| October 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

The after school chaos is a common occurrence in my house! I am always looking to find ways to streamline some things in our house so that we have time for fun things! Here is what usually happens “Mommy, Mommy, I need help with my spelling – oh yeah I have a test tomorrow”. So here is the scenario…..Ah, it’s Wednesday night. You just got home from work, the kids are settling in from a long day at school. It’s now time for you to cook dinner. Then here it comes…”Mommy I have a Spelling Test tomorrow morning and I need to study.” We have some great tips that will not cost a lot of money and will make a big impact!

Now what’s the quickest way to get the job done in a timely manner? It’s time to whip out the ole dry erase board, Expo marker and a sockie…..As you know all too well time is very limited at night, and homework must always be done first! So you don’t have much time waste….bye, bye paper and pencil…Hello white board….Yes, hello white board. The most efficient way of getting the job done. Say the word and your child writes it on their white board using a “fun” Expo marker. Do you see where I am going with this???? It’s all about keeping your child on task and maintaining their level of interested in learning after a super long day.  All children are sponges! Yes Mom’s even the most difficult of children. The art of learning doesn’t stop when they leave the school campus. Parents have a direct impact on their child’s learning experience. It’s a TEAM effort of teachers+students+parents= academic success.

Where can I get a white board?  Instead of paying $3.99+ at your local educational store for one 12×12 board. You can make a class set for under $20.00. Yes, I know all you need is one. However, you’ll get lots of brownie points with your child’s teacher if you give him/her the extras…hint, hint!  I went to my local hardware store Home Depot and purchased sheet of shower board. Ask someone at the store if they would be kind enough and cut the large board into 12×12 individual boards. Not only can you use the white board for Spelling, handwriting, and Math problems. It’s a very creative time saver and Eco-friendly too. It’s all about saving the environment and having fun at the same time. Happy Spelling!

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