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| April 15, 2013 | 6 Comments

80606391Do you have a daughter with long hair? I took my daughter in for a trim the other day, and I was surprised at how thick soft her hair looked after the stylist was done. She tends to have thin hair, and since we live in hot, steamy Florida, we don’t typically use a hairdryer, since it dries fast anyway. When the hairdresser was done with her, though, her new bob looked adorable and not thin and stringy, the way it usually looks within a few hours of washing it. So, feeling inspired, I thought I’d look for some more cute hairdos to try on her. Here are some tips that I found for working with a little girl’s hair:

  • Get it trimmed regularly. It had been a few months since I took my daughter to have her hair trimmed, so once the split ends and uneven wisps were cut off, it made a huge difference! If you start to see some unevenness or any split ends, take her in for a quick trim. You might be able to do this at home. Invest in a good pair of hair-cutting scissors (don’t use the same ones you use to cut out construction paper crafts!) and take your time. The thicker and wavier her hair, the more room for error you have; if she has really thin, pin-straight hair, you might be better off going to a professional!

  • Watch tutorials on how to do different hairstyles. You probably already know how to do a basic ponytail or braid, but there are a ton of great styles out there that you can try. Many of them are easier if your daughter’s hair is shoulder-length or longer. I find it simpler to watch a video tutorial than to read directions in a book or magazine, but you may find the opposite to be true. One site that I found is Cute Girls Hairstyles, where there are all sorts of braids and updos featured.

  • Make hair-styling tear free. I remember crying sometimes when I was little when my mother would do my hair, because she would have to brush out tangles and because she put my braids in too tightly! When you wash your daughter’s hair, be sure to use a good detangling conditioner. If her hair tends to get knots, brush it out and loosely braid it before she goes to bed, and spray more detangler on it in the morning before combing it out. If she really hates having her hair styled, though, ask her if she’d rather just have short hair. She might be happy to give up the daily struggle and be happy with her hair in a chin-length bob or a pixie cut, both of which are adorable on young girls!


Do you enjoy styling your daughter’s hair? What type of hairstyle does she have?

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  1. Miranda W says:

    Good tips and an awesome link. I’m going to try some of those on myself.

  2. Lisa R says:

    great site, you’ll never run out of hairstyles…thanks

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  3. darlene bohannon says:

    i like the article on hairstyles for girls,ill use the tips for my grandaughter.

  4. Maria Iemma says:

    I cannot wait until my granddaughter grows hair so we can try different styles – Right now she is as bald as a cue but cute as a button.

  5. veronica lee says:

    I am loving these great tips! I don’t have a daughter but I enjoy braiding my niece’s hair.

  6. Venus F. says:

    I love cute girls hairstyles. I’m always checking they site for new hair styles for my little sister.

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