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Jumping for Joovy. This youngish baby gear company has some top notch strollers. Here are the models you should take notice of and why.

The first thing you might notice when you learn about Joovy strollers are all the “oo”s. Kooper, Zoom, Scooter, Caboose. Next, you notice bright, sporty colors. This American stroller company has a winning combination of fun and style along with high quality products and a fantastic reputation.

Joovy is best known for their sit and stand and lightweight strollers. There are 10 strollers Joovy offers, some models with only slight variations. I’d like to highlight four that deserve your attention that consumers have been taking notice of and writing great reviews.

joovy strollerKOOPER
Some lightweight strollers are simply uncomfortable for your child because the seat doesn’t offer the proper support or cushioning. The Joovy Kooper has the supportive structure in the seat that doesn’t let your child slouch. It even reclines to a 149 degree angle so your little passenger can have a good nap.

The Kooper has been earning 4-star reviews from parents who love the easy steering and smooth ride as well as the bright colors on fabric that is easily washable. Parents rave about the sun canopy and how much coverage it gives. It even has a pull-out visor to provide extra protection. Lots of storage space, ergonomic handles, and under 18 pounds with an easy fold. The Kooper has everything you want in a stylish umbrella stroller.

You might even notice “Maclaren Moms” glancing your way as you push the Kooper down the sidewalk in your neighborhood!

Did you know that Joovy makes an all-terrain stroller AND a fixed wheel jogger? With brands like BOB and Baby Jogger dominating the all-terrain and jogging stroller world, Joovy’s been quietly producing an excellent model for your fitness needs.

The Joovy Zoom comes in two varieties: the all-terrain model is called the Zoom 360 while the fixed wheel jogger is called the Zoom ATS. Both are exactly the same except for the front wheel size and swiveling option.

Why am I so excited about the Zoom? It’s a high quality fitness stroller with a price tag less than $250! When you look at other top quality brands, you will pay upwards of $400! So for almost half that price you are going to get a stroller that weighs only 26 pounds, has an enormous sun canopy, safety tether, rear suspension system, a good sized storage basket and reclining seat. The Zoom has all the same features that the expensive strollers have too.

And the reviews have been awesome. We’re talking 4 to 4.5 stars on average for the maneuverability and smooth ride as well as included accessories like an air pump and rain shield. What a fantastic mid-priced alternative!

Caboose Ultralight
Sit and stand strollers, or stand-on strollers are a revolutionary way to transport two children. Your older one has the option to stand in back or ride on a bench while the little one uses the seat in front. Only problem with a stand-on is that they can be long and heavy.

Not anymore. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight blows the competitors out of the water. It is barely longer than a single stroller and it weighs an astonishing 21 pounds – the lightest in its class! It’s also been getting 4.5 stars with hundreds of reviews of parents making glowing remarks about the compact fold and the freedom this type of stroller brings an older toddler.

What I like about the Caboose Ultralight is that the sun canopy is designed to give shade to your older child when he or she is sitting down. Another unique feature is that the seat can now recline in three positions. Most sit and stand strollers don’t recline much because the older child has to have a space to sit directly behind the seat. In this case, though, your older one will have to stand while baby naps.

The stroller comes with a car seat adapter that accommodates most infant car seat brands, turning your Caboose Ultralight into a travel system. You will also appreciate all the storage you get. Joovy’s certainly set the bar high with the Caboose Ultralight!

Scooter X2
Here is one of Joovy’s newest models, the side-by-side double stroller called the Scooter X2. Vibrant colors, a single huge sun canopy and lots of storage are just a few of the features you get with this twin stroller.

Joovy set out to make a stroller that can not only easily fit through standard doorways, but make the seats roomy enough to be comfortable “for big American kids,” as they say on their website.

The sealed ball bearings in the wheels make pushing your Scooter X2 easier with better maneuverability. This stroller can take a 90-pound weight limit. The storage basket is the largest you can get on this type of stroller and each seat independently reclines flat. The only thing the kids have to share is the removable bumper bar and the enormous adjustable sun canopy. I think both these make the Scooter X2 stand out from other twin side-by-side double strollers. Many compare this one to the Baby Jogger City Mini.

While there aren’t that many reviews yet, the ones coming in are giving the Scooter X2 4.5 stars for the reasonable price, the large sun canopy, roomy seats and lots of storage space. Keep an eye out on this one, Moms, the Scooter X2 is making some serious waves!

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