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What Lies Ahead for Baby Trend?

babytrend strollerThe Baby Trend company doesn’t exactly live up to the “Trend” part of its name; while their strollers are on the lower end of the price spectrum, their models have remained essentially the same for years. Nothing trendy going on at all!

But they do have some classic designs that sell well. For example their three-wheeled all-terrain model called the Baby Trend Expedition has been a favorite for years. I personally see a couple of them around my neighborhood nearly every day – the Expedition is attractive, sporty and can carry an infant car seat.

Owner ratings on it are average to good with 3.5 to 4-star reviews on retail websites. There had been a problem in years past about a wobbly front wheel, but the company looks like they’ve addressed the problem since, because not many complaints have been voiced since then.

In addition, Consumer Reports likes the Expedition calling it a Best Buy and giving it an overall 73% – very good – rating. I guess Baby Trend figures they don’t need to improve on an already good product, so besides a few color changes now and then, the basic design and function of the Expedition is just fine.

Another model that sells well is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand. In my opinion, Joovy makes a superior product with their Caboose and Caboose Ultralight, but those are certainly pricier. For families who need to watch their budget, then one of the Sit N Stand models are perfectly good.

The Sit N Stand Double is a wonderful stroller for twins because it can handle two infant car seats and has two toddler seats. If you have children of two different ages, then the single Sit N Stand enables Mom to install a car seat in front or back for added flexibility.

What do consumers have to say about the Sit N Stand? Parents rave about the Double because it offers an extra seat in back. Some older siblings are just slightly too young to have only the bench seating of the single Sit N Stand, so being able to have a toddler seat until your big kid is ready to stand more often is a nice bridge to that stage of development.

I see mostly 4 and 5-star reviews for being well built and sturdy. Face it, with two kids in tow, your stroller has GOT to be able to handle the wiggles, added weight as well as the ins and outs of the car trunk. Several reviews mention what a great value the Sit N Stand stroller is – very low cost for a well-made product.

The recurring complaint heard most often is the bulkiness and weight of the stroller, but most parents acknowledge in their reviews that they understand that that’s the nature of a double stroller. The single Sit N Stand models that don’t include a second seat actually fold up quite flat and customers say they are impressed with how compact it is, so keep this in mind when deciding on the 2-seater or the 1-seater.

So as you see, Baby Trend takes a good thing and keeps running with it. They don’t tweak their products nor add much of anything new and exciting, yet consumers are continuously pleased. Now that’s staying power!

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