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To help with the higher-end American stroller market, Dorel purchased both European brands, Maxi Cosi and Quinny a few years ago. In addition to a couple of stroller models, Maxi Cosi also sells the Mico infant car seat that can attach to their strollers to form a modern-looking travel system.

maxi-cosi strollerMaxi Cosi Foray LX

Maxi Cosi’s first and most famous stroller is the Foray LX. To compete in the rocketing popularity of convertible strollers, the Foray LX appeals to those who don’t want to spend over $500 for a beautiful stroller with a reversing, removable seat.

The Foray LX recently had some improvements done such as a more compact fold, which had addressed previous complaints. The LX also enables you to keep the seat attached with the fold, although it is a multi-step process, which can be a disadvantage.

Going forward into 2012, the Foray looks to have the same great features as 2011. Parents like the smooth ride, the one-touch brake, and telescoping handle bar. The affordability is a big plus for a luxury stroller.

Accessories included with purchase include a parent cup holder, weather shield and the Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat adapter. The car seat is, of course, sold separately.

How do consumers feel about the Maxi Cosi Foray LX? First off, customers are quite pleased with the features improvements. The simpler fold with the seat attached bumped up the ratings quite a bit, by at least one star. Average rating for this stroller fluctuates between 4 and 5 stars, depending on the retailer.

What about professional consumer guides? The latest edition of Baby Bargains rates Maxi Cosi strollers overall at a B-. Why? It has to do with the Perle. Perle is Maxi Cosi’s stroller no longer showing on their official website, so I am guessing it is discontinued. But it had some long-term durability issues, which is why Baby Bargains issued a mixed overall rating.

Consumer Reports has similar views, giving the Foray a 70% overall rating. On an updated report, the list said Foray, not Foray LX, so they may be rating the older model. But the marks this convertible stroller received were good for ease of use, excellent for maneuverability and fair for safety.

Maxi Cosi Elea

While I still have my Baby Bargains book out, they mention that new strollers out for 2011 are the Elea and the Adore. Well, as you know it’s December already and their USA website does not show either of these two strollers.

So I did a search on both. The Adore is supposed to be their new side-by-side stroller that can accept an infant car seat and take up to 100 pounds of combined weight. The Adore does not come up in any search results, so we’re going to simply have to wait on that one.

What about the Elea? I did find some information on that one. Maxi Cosi’s International English site has this model for sale over in Europe, and it’s been on the market there since the beginning of 2011. My guess is that Maxi Cosi shall debut in the United States, but I can only presume that it will be next year. As you can see from the photo (stroller below the logo) it looks really nice – sleek and modern.

A unique selling point of the Elea is that it has two folding options. One is for everyday use and the other option is to remove the seat for ultra-compact storage.

The Elea, like the Foray, is a reversing seat stroller with the option to remove the seat and install a Mico car seat or a sophisticated carrycot (bassinet) to turn your stroller into a pram.

Reviews from across the pond give the Elea 4 stars for the little details that add up to a wonderful experience all around. For example, lock and unlock your front swivel wheels with a push of a button on either side of the seat! No more walking around to the front of your stroller to step on and off levers.

Also switching the seat is easy with another button push – and you don’t have to try and hold down the button while lifting the seat!

What is the price point on the Maxi Cosi Elea? As of February 2011, it was selling for 400 British Pounds, which equates today at about $623. That’s quite a bump up for Maxi Cosi! But with all those neat little tricks incorporated into the stroller, the price isn’t too off-putting.

I don’t know about you, but I think the Elea would do very well here in the States, so I eagerly await news from Maxi Cosi. You can be sure I will post right here on Shopaholic Mommy if I hear it’s going to be available.

What do you think of the Elea and the improved Foray LX?

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  1. Mayra Rachel says:

    I have been researching strollers for a while and had been very un-impressed with the typical, boxy standard-style strollers out there. They seemed very cookie-cutter.

    Pros and Cons this strollers :

    – Looks great!
    – Reversible seat
    – 3 Recline options
    – Can be used as travel system with Maxi Cosi car seat

    – Folding/Unfolding are tricky at first
    – Heavy (but average weight for luxury stroller)
    – Can be used as a travel system ONLY with Maxi Cosi car seat

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