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Today is Poetry Reading Day

| April 28, 2013 | 2 Comments

Today is Poetry Reading Day! Since this year it falls on a Sunday, your child’s school might not be planning anything to celebrate the day. Some poetry reading might be a cozy way to spend the afternoon, but you might be at a loss as to what types of poems to have your kids read […]

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Take Our Children to Work Day

| April 24, 2013 | 3 Comments

Tomorrow is Take Our Children to Work Day! Started in 1993 as “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” the day has been expanded to include boys as well in 2003. According to Forbes, about 37 million people participate each year. What a great way to show our children what it is that we do at […]

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Celebrating Earth Day

| April 22, 2013 | 4 Comments

Today is Earth Day. Since 1970, April 22 has been set aside to remind us of the importance of taking care of our environment. This year is no exception, and since the date falls on a Monday, it’s very likely that your child will be observing Earth Day at school today. Still, there are some […]

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Today is National Siblings Day!

| April 10, 2013 | 3 Comments

Happy National Siblings Day! We already knew about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day, but did you know that siblings have a day as well? Today is the day, and it’s a great opportunity to call up your brothers and sisters to tell them how much you appreciate them. If you have more than […]

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Today is No Housework Day!

| April 7, 2013 | 1 Comment

Happy No Housework Day! This is a day set aside to let the dishes pile up, to not take out the garbage, and to just let the dirty laundry sit there in the hamper. As any mom knows, actually taking a day off from all housework is just going to lead to mass mayhem and […]

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It’s April Fool’s Day!

| April 1, 2013 | 3 Comments

Happy April 1, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day! This can be a really fun day for families, as we all love a good joke, and today is the day to get away with much silliness. You have so many possibilities for pranks… you could go with old classics, like using a rubber band to […]

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Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

| March 26, 2013 | 4 Comments

Have you ever wanted to make up your own holiday? Perhaps you wish that we celebrated your favorite hobby or what you feel is an overlooked occupation. Or maybe you just like observing the fun, trivial or puzzling things in life and wish there was a celebration to match some of these quirky ideas. If […]

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

| March 17, 2013 | 3 Comments

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether or not you hail from Ireland, everyone gets to claim some “luck o’ the Irish” today. Because St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, that gives you the whole day to spend with your family, making it a great year to really get into the celebration. Here are […]

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Easter Basket Stuffers

| March 7, 2013 | 24 Comments

What does the Easter Bunny bring to your children? Santa Claus pretty much universally brings toys, but Easter Bunny gifts tend to be somewhat more varied. In some homes he may bring chocolates or other candy, in other homes toys, in still others the Easter Bunny may simply hide colored eggs around the house. There […]

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Today is Random Act of Kindness Day

| February 17, 2013 | 33 Comments

Today is Random Act of Kindness Day! Although doing an act of kindness today wouldn’t exactly be random, it’s still a wonderful concept: Do something nice for someone else with no expectation of anything in return. It could be something big or small. The idea is that if people performed random acts of kindness all […]

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